Israeli soldiers stand on an armoured personnel carrier (APC) outside the central Gaza Strip as they fire mortar shell towards Gaza before a ceasefire was due, early August 1, 2014.    REUTERS/Siegfried Modola

Hamas says missing Israeli soldier may have been killed

The armed wing of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas said on Saturday it had no clear indication on the whereabouts of an Israeli soldier that Israel has accused it of abducting in the Gaza Strip, adding he may have been killed during an ambush.  Full Article 

Obama says that after 9/11, 'we tortured some folks' 2:41am IST

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama said on Friday the CIA "tortured some folks" after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, and that the White House had handed over to Congress a report about an investigation into "enhanced interrogation techniques."

A man weeps for his relatives who were killed in a landslide, outside a hospital at Malin village in Maharashtra August 1, 2014. REUTERS/Shailesh Andrade
Landslide in Maharashtra

Rescuers say hopes for survivors "bleak"

Hopes of finding survivors in Maharashtra from a landslide that swallowed up more than 100 people faded on Friday as rescuers dug through mud and debris following heavy rains, with the death toll rising to 52. Rescue officials have not been able to pinpoint the reason for the mudslide.  Full Article | Video 

A health worker removes his protective suit as he emerges from an isolation area at the Medecins sans Frontieres Ebola treatment centre in Kailahun July 20, 2014. REUTERS/Tommy Trenchard

Africa leaders agree steps to fight Ebola

West African leaders agreed on Friday to take stronger measures to try to bring the worst outbreak of Ebola under control and prevent it spreading outside the region, including steps to isolate rural communities ravaged by the disease.  Full Article | Related Story 

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) building is pictured next to a police van in Mumbai April 9, 2014. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui/Files
Markets Weekahead

Shares seen volatile on global factors; RBI eyed

The BSE Sensex and Nifty may remain volatile amid global risk aversion. Investors will also shift focus to RBI's policy review on Tuesday. RBI is likely to leave its key interest rate unchanged, according to a Reuters poll.   Full Article 

A customer tests e-liquids for e-cigarettes during the first international fair of electronic cigarette and vapology "Vapexpo" in Bordeaux, southwestern France, March 13, 2014.  REUTERS/Regis Duvignau/Files

Vapor tanks muscling into e-cigarette sales

The electronic cigarette, touted as a way to cut smoking, is facing a serious contender that even smokers find sexy. Vapor tanks are typically hunkier and allow smokers and would-be quitters to customize nicotine levels, as well as to puff thousands of blissful flavors.  Full Article 

A poster is seen outside Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos, California July 7, 2009. REUTERS/Phil Klein/Files

Michael Jackson's estate may be sold off

Late pop singer Michael Jackson's Neverland estate is being considered for sale, a spokesman for the company controlling the property said on Friday.  Full Article 

Latest Headlines

India-WTO Row

Gold Smuggling

In cat-and-mouse game, India uncovers new gold smuggling route

In cat-and-mouse game, India uncovers new gold smuggling route

India is scrambling to crack down on a new gold smuggling tactic that it fears could accelerate a flood of illegal imports of the precious metal into the world's second-biggest buyer. In the latest smuggling case, a gold exporting firm attempted to use a tax-free special economic zone to try to bypass restrictions and sell to the local market.  Full Article 

Richard Beales

Yahoo’s Mayer nears post-Alibaba reckoning

Yahoo is a big company with a much smaller one struggling to get out. A 22.5 percent stake in Alibaba accounts for well over half the U.S. internet group’s roughly $36 billion market capitalization, according to a new Breakingviews calculator. With the Chinese e-commerce giant likely to go public next month, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will find out how investors value the businesses she actually runs.  Full Article 

Raffaello Pantucci

Afghanistan a building block for China-India ties

It is clear that there are issues with Sino-Indian collaboration on Afghanistan. First among these are differing perceptions on Pakistan and its role in Afghanistan’s current predicament. For China, Pakistani security forces are trying to deal with a monster within their country with links across the border. For Indian authorities, it is a Frankenstein’s monster of Pakistani construction.  Full Article 

Celine Gounder

To combat Ebola, first build back trust in healthcare workers

Efforts to fight stigmatized infectious diseases, like HIV and TB, have taught us that advocates from affected communities have an important role to play. Public health workers need to enlist the help of recovered patients and their families to speak about their experiences with medical treatment for the disease. Religious leaders and traditional healers should also be recruited.  Read 

Robert Cyran

Inversions start to spin out of control

Inversions are starting to spin out of control. A quest for tax savings has made digestible overseas targets attractive to U.S. buyers. Hospira’s potential $5 bln deal for a Danone unit highlights a fresh supply, for so-called “spinversions.” The odd combination also reflects the perverse incentives distorting corporate decisions. Healthcare companies lead the way trying to move domiciles.  Full Article 

Commonwealth Games