TABLE-Meidensha <6508.T>-1qtr group results

Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:37am IST



   July 29 (Reuters) -
                MEIDENSHA CORP
 (in billions of yen unless specified)
             3 months ended  3 months ended    6 months to     Year to   
               Jun 30, 2009    Jun 30, 2008    Sep 30, 2009    Mar 31, 2010
               LATEST          YEAR-AGO        H1              LATEST    
               RESULTS         RESULTS         FORECAST        FORECAST  
 Sales              23.30           27.76           65.00          180.00   
                (-16.1 pct)                                              
 Operating      loss 5.39       loss 4.84       loss 7.00       prft 3.00   
 Recurring      loss 5.70       loss 5.14       loss 8.00       prft 1.00   
 Net            loss 3.41       loss 3.62       loss 5.00        prft 500 mln
 EPS              loss Y15.04     loss Y15.93     loss Y22.03      prft Y2.20
 NOTE - Meidensha Corp is a heavy electric machinery maker.
 For latest earnings estimates made by Toyo Keizai, please
double click on 6508.TK1.


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