Star Micronics <7718.T>-2010/11 group results

Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:32am IST



   April 11 (Reuters) -
                STAR MICRONICS CO LTD
 (in billions of yen unless specified)
               Year ended      Year ended
               Feb 28, 2011    Feb 28, 2010
               LATEST          YEAR-AGO  
               RESULTS         RESULTS   
 Sales              35.72           29.18   
                (+22.4 pct)     (-48.8 pct)
 Operating      prft 1.43       loss 3.98   
 Recurring      prft 1.19       loss 3.88   
 Net             prft 161 mln   loss 8.56   
 EPS               prft Y3.71    loss Y187.95
 Annual div            Y22.00          Y22.00
  -Q2 div              Y11.00          Y11.00
  -Q4 div              Y11.00          Y11.00
 NOTE - Star Micronics Co Ltd is the full company name.
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