Bangladesh jute report - Jan 20

Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:24pm IST

Rates supplied by the Bangladesh Jute Association



(One bale = 180 kg) (Taka per bale)

Ready Position (in taka) Bangla white special (BW special) 13,400 Bangla white A (BWA) 13,100 Bangla white B (BWB) 12,200 Bangla white C (BWC) 10,700 Bangla white D (BWD) 10,250 Bangla white E (BWE) 9,800 Bangla tossa special (BTS) 13,700 Bangla tossa A (BTA) 13,400 Bangla tossa B (BTB) 12,500 Bangla tossa C (BTC) 11,000 Bangla tossa D (BTD) 10,550 Bangla tossa E (BTE) 10,100

WRS/TRS, HABIJABI, CUT ROPES Bangla white rejection (BWR) 8,750 Bangla white habijabi (BWH) 6,800 Bangla tossa rejection (BTR) 9,000 Bangla tossa habijabi (BTH) 6,800

CUTTINGS Bangla white cuttings A (BWCA) 6,300 Bangla white cuttings B (BWCB) 6,100 Bangla tossa cuttings A (BTCA) 6,600 Bangla tossa cuttings B (BTCB) 6,400

MESHTA Meshta special 13,400 Meshta A 13,100 Meshta B 12,200 Meshta C 10,700 Special meshta cuttings 6,300 Ordinary meshta cuttings 6,100 Meshta- SMR 8,500

STATE OF THE MARKET--REMARKS Quality - good Condition - fair Narayanganj imports - About 10,000 Qntl. Daulatpur imports - About 20,000 Qntl. Market trend - As usual

NOTE Raw jute exports during 2012-2013 (01.07.2012 to 31.10.2012) = 557.561 bales Value 3.77 billion taka ($1 = 79.50 taka) Source: Bangladesh Jute Association, Dhaka +880-2-9552916, Narayanganj +880-2-7630904


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