India Port Conditions:Kochi

Wed Apr 3, 2013 2:51pm IST

Apr 03(Reuters) - Port conditions of Kochi as of Wednesday

Port summary:
Woking Vessels                                  05
Waiting Vessels                                 04
Expected Vessels                                19
Total Vessles                                   28
Vessels berthing today                          nil

Working Vessels 
S.NO Vessels name     Agent         Cargo    Arrival Berth  Sail   Load Unload    I/E Balance
                                              ------Dates------   Tonnes/Units    TEU  Tonnes
1)  Asian Fair II     O Exim       Timber logs  31/03 31/03 02/04    nil  1,965     nil   4,378
2)  Darya Jaan        Kiinship     Cement       27/03 01/04 02/04    nil  8,000     nil   8,570
3)  Sanmar Majesty    Atlantic     MS /         31/03 02/04 -----    nil  1,365     nil3,635 /
4)  Jag Pushpa        Sorabji      HSD          31/03 31/03 -----    nil    nil     nil  42,020
5)  All Cargo SusheelaCaravel      Imp/Exp      03/04 03/04 02/04    nil    nil     nil       

Waiting Vessels 
S.NO   Vessels name   Agent        Cargo            Load   Unload     I/E  Arrival Date   
                                                     Tonnes/Units     TEU         TBT
1)  Zim Atlantic      Zim          Imp/Exp           nil      nil     nil   -----  03/04
2)  Sea Bright        Evergreen    Imp/Exp           nil      nil 286/350   -----  03/04
3)  A K Azad          Jairam       Crude oil         nil   55,000     nil   -----  03/04
4)  OEL Dubai         Relay        Imp/Exp           nil      nil 350/550   -----  03/04

Expected Vessels 
S.NO Vessels name     Agent        Cargo           Load   Unload     I/E   Expected
                                                   Tonnes/Units      TEU   DOA
1)  CMA CGM Lapis     CMA CGM      Imp/Exp           nil      nil     nil   04/04
2)  Rajiv Gandhi      Jairam       Imp/Exp           nil      nil 800/700   04/04
3)  Caravel Pride     Caravel      Imp/Exp           nil      nil 200/250   04/04
4)  OEL Kochi         Relay        Imp/Exp           nil      nil 250/350   05/04
5)  Europa            German Exp   Cruise            nil      nil     nil   06/04
6)  Jag Lakshita      Sorabji      Crude oil         nil  122,000     nil   06/04
7)  Maersk Avon       Maersk       Imp/Exp           nil      nil 550/550   08/04
8)  Zim Asia          Zim          Imp/Exp           nil      nil 200/150   09/04
9)  Jindal Meenakshi  Sujan        Imp/Exp           nil      nil 150/150   10/04
10) Jindal Tara       Sujan        Imp/Exp           nil      nil 150/150   11/04
11) OEL Dubai         Relay        Imp/Exp           nil      nil 350/550   11/04
12) OEL Trust         Relay        Imp/Exp           nil      nil 250/250   11/04
13) Legend of the SeasJ M Baxi     Cruise            nil      nil     nil   12/04
14) Elb Wolf          Evergreen    Imp/Exp           nil      nil 286/350   12/04
15) Seven Seas VoyagerJ M Baxi     Cruise            nil      nil     nil   13/04
16) Maersk Avon       Maersk       Imp/Exp           nil      nil 550/550   15/04
17) Hongxin Blue Sea  GAC          RiverSand         nil   32,000     nil   15/04
18) Arcadia           J M Baxi     Cruise            nil      nil     nil   19/04
19) Nautica           J M Baxi     Cruise            nil      nil     nil   19/04

DOA:Date Of Arrival; ATF:Aviation Turbine Fuel; C.Mat:Construction Material; CU.CON.:Copper
Concentrate; DAP:Di-Ammonium Phosphate; EDC:Ethylene Dycloride; FO:Furnace Oil; HSO:High Speed
Oil; I.Sand:Industrial Sand; C.Oil:Crude oil; G.Cargo:General Cargo; P.Acid:Phosphoric Acid;
A.Nitrate:Ammonium Nitrate; I.Coal:Industrial Coal; LPG:Liquified Petroleum Gas; MOP:Muriate Of
Potash; RP:Rock Phosphate; SKO:Super Kerosene Oil; VCM:Vinyl Chloride onomer;ACN:Acrylonitrile;
ATF:Aviation Turbine Fuel; CAO:Coconut Acid Oil; CBFS:Carbon Black Feed 
Stock; CPO:Crude Palm oil; CPKO:Crude Palm Kernel Oil; CPS:Crude Palm Stearin; CSBO:Crude
Soybean Oil; DAP:Di-ammoniumPhosphate; DEG:Di-Ethyle Glycol; DSBO:Degummed soybean oil;
DRSO:Degummed rapeseed; EDC:Ethylene Dycloride; HSD:High Speed Diesel; LAB:Linear Alkyl Benzene;
MGO:Marine Gas Oil MOP:Muriate of potash; PFAD:Palm fatty acid distillate; RPO:Rubberized
Processed Oil; RSBO:Refined Soybean Oil; SPKFA:Split Palm Kernel Fatty Acid; SKO:Super Kerosene
Oil; CNTR: Containers; Comp:Completed; TEU:Twenty foot Equivalent Unit; TOCOM: to Commence;
CBFS: Carbon Black Feed Stock; (B): In Bulk;(Bg): In Bags; (U): UnitsTBT: To berth today;WIND

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