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India Port Conditions:JNPT/Nhava Sheva

Aug 23 (Reuters) - - The Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) here detailed   
Conditions at the port at 1000 local time Friday.
Summary Total vessels                        11  
Vessels working and berthed                  07   
Vessels waiting                              04   
Latest Vessels berthed   
--  Aplsharjah, Friday
--  Avlsborg bridge,Friday
--  Mol direction,Friday 
--  Bowchem oslo, Friday 
--  Zim jamaica, Thursday
--  Uasc sitrah, Thursday
--  Osv kamet, Thursday   
--  Ema querida, Thursday
-- Norca, Thursday
Following Vessels completed loading/unloading   

 -- Maersk georgia,Wendnesday
 -- Sidara ras laffan,Wendnesday
 -- Darya shaan,Wendnesday
 -- Oriental lotus
 -- Everrich
 -- Mehmet a
Vessel name               Berthed      Estimate   
Destination/Agent/Client    date      sail date    Cargo   
 1    Aplsharjah              23/08  24/08          Containers  
 2    Avlsborg bridge         23/08  23/08          Containers  
 3    Zim jamaica             22/08  23/08          Containers  
 4    Uasc sitrah             22/08  23/08          Containers  
 5    Mol direction           23/08  24/08          Containers  
 6    Bowchem oslo            23/08  23/08          Ph.acid     
 7    Osv kamet               22/08  23/08          Br.bulk     
Vessels IDLE/WAITING for loading turn   
 1    Ema querida              22/08               Sm
 2    Mtm mumbai               21/08               Edi.oil
 3    Eupen                    21/08               Lpg
 4    Norca                    22/08               Afs,naph
NOTE:-DOA:Date Of Arrival; ATF:Aviation Turbine Fuel;  
C.Mat:ConstructionMaterial;CU.CON.:Copper Concentrate; DAP:Di-Ammonium  
Phosphate; EDC:EthyleneDycloride; FO:Furnace Oil;HSO:High Speed Oil;  
I.Sand:Industrial Sand;C.Oil:Crude oil; G.Cargo:General Cargo;P.Acid:Phosphoric 
Acid;A.Nitrate:Ammonium Nitrate; I.Coal:Industrial Coal; LPG:Liquified Petroleum
Gas;MOP:Muriate Of Potash; RP:Rock Phosphate; SKO:Super Kerosene Oil; VCM:Vinyl 
Chloride Monomer;ACN:Acrylonitrile; ATF:Aviation Turbine Fuel; CAO:Coconut Acid 
Oil; CBFS:CarbonBlack Feed Stock; CPO:Crude Palm oil; CPKO:Crude Palm Kernel  
Oil; CPS:Crude PalmStearin; CSBO:Crude Soybean Oil; DAP:Di-ammoniumPhosphate;  
DEG:Di-Ethyle Glycol;DSBO:Degummed soybean oil; DRSO:Degummed rapeseed;  
EDC:Ethylene Dycloride;HSD:High Speed Diesel; LAB:Linear Alkyl Benzene;  
MGO:Marine Gas Oil MOP:Muriateof potash; PFAD:Palm fatty acid  
distillate;RPO:Rubberized Processed Oil;RSBO:Refined Soybean Oil; SPKFA:Split  
Palm Kernel Fatty Acid;SKO:Super Kerosene Oil; CNTR: Containers; Comp:Completed;
TEU:Twenty footEquivalent Unit; TO COM: to Commence; CBFS: Carbon Black Feed  
Stock; Bulk(B): In Bulk;(Bg): In Bags; (U): Units TBT: To berth today;WIND MILL 
Bleaching Powder: B POWDER;Crude Sunflower Oil:CS OIL;CRUDE PETROLEUM OIL  
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