Overstretched U.S. drone pilots face stress risk

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A6pilot wrote:

This is just appalling…. Yes, the stress of sitting in your air-conditioned van thousands of miles removed from reality can really get to you. There’s a risk that the coke machine down the hall might be empty. Maybe you forget your lunch. Why, if things go terribly wrong, you might not even make it home to your family in time for dinner. And the danger ? Well… the traffic around Nellis AFB is hell during rush hour. Bumper to bumper it is. Yep, it’s stressful flying a drone..

My obviously sarcastic commentary reflects the complete revulsion of every combat pilot who ever lived. It underlines a X-Box culture of kids who haven’t a clue about the harsh realities of war. One of the results of warfare is that those who wage it will do just about anything to avoid it in the future. America becomes a far more dangerous country once we lose this perspective.

Stress ?? Get real boys…..

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