Nice start, but not enough for India Inc in reform drive

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KManoj wrote:

Not sure what makes these industry captains so excited. Do they love Nero – fiddling while Rome burns down around them? Putrefying rivers, cities that are an urban disaster, rampant crime against women and children, galloping corruption and ensuing inflation that has stalled the economy despite very high savings rates – and they claim they are going to do “much better” soon???? Is it cheek, or simply ignorance of the train wreck that is India. Only the Auditor spoke of the challanges, which a politician tried to wash off with something that sounded like – “yes, we were caught several times with our hands in the till, but we emphasize our right to remain corrupt so long as everyone else around us is not squeaky clean”.

I shudder to think of the scenario slowly unfolding – 1/6th of all humanity in bottom quartile of HDI on the Opium route….

Nov 08, 2012 12:00am IST  --  Report as abuse
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