Column: Two funerals and the politics of fear

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Jaydeep21 wrote:

Hi Mr. Bhaskar, south indians do hate BT, coz he was the one who restricted their greed to loot the financial capital of India. He was the 1 responsible for uprooting south indian goons from Mumbai.
For your kind information, he was the 1 responsible for uprooting gangwar from Mumbai without hurting common ppl leaving there, this is what you have specifically overlooked. Well you have written good biased article to earn praise from your masters. Also, you want to compare a liqor king, who earned this name by looting, murdering, adulteration and what not, with a person of great stature. You have specifically sidelined the abuse of power by friends of Ponty Chadha in Govt. Keep pleasing your masters, coz that is the only way u can earn your bread and leaving….

Nov 18, 2012 10:00am IST  --  Report as abuse
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