India accuses Pakistan of killing soldiers in Kashmir

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furbian wrote:

Indian claims of ‘mutilation’ need to be taken with a big bag of salt, they always claim this, even when it’s a border skirmish with Bangladesh. During the Kargil crises they claimed that their dead airman’s body was mutilated. The Pakistanis then decided to hand over the one who was alive in public with the media present, the Indians didn’t even bother to send anyone to pick up their ‘brave’ airman, leaving him standing around looking bored.

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ert0012 wrote:

The Military and the ISI is running Pakistan in fact. The civilian government is only a face to show and get aid from many western countries including that of United States of America. The military of Pakistan do not dare to fight an open war with India due to their past experiences, and to derail the growth of India they are involved in proxy war. Every winter they try to infiltrate some terrorists of LeT and other groups whom they train and nurture in many training camps situated in Pakistan. Pakistan is a failed state and is responsible for terrorism in south Asia.

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CommunalAward wrote:

To promote 2 million Brahmins HEGEMONY in Jammu region, 1200 million Indians are suffering viz Mumbai/Pune/Delhi/Coimbatore/Hyderabad/Parliament blasts, 4 cross border wars and an inevitable **nuclear holocaust** with Pakistan.

Google “Kashmir_dispute#Reasons_behind_the_dispute”

Give Independence to Kashmir.

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