Some large Dell shareholders bitter over LBO price

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zoesal wrote:

this is the second time this cunning D@!! has done it..even employees who trusted in the company and bought shares at 25$ a piece are screwed.. he squeezed the S#!t out of employees, outsourced people, customers, shareholders and the government. The last time he dumped shares after gaining and his gang of crooks made a lot of money.. they barely escaped the US legal system
He should be made to pay 25$ a share.. we got no dividends, but only losses and our investment is reduced to less than 13$ more than 50% loss.. his services jaunt is another joke. No company should believe him

Feb 06, 2013 6:15pm IST  --  Report as abuse
zoesal wrote:

Isnt this Mr Dell’s second attempt at cashing in? wasnt it the first time he made a lot of money and got away with it..poor investors and shareholders and employees who paid for their shares who are now holding shares worth less than half of what they invested..Evry business person nowadays is working on sucking the system dry rather than.. aw forget it..

Feb 06, 2013 6:23pm IST  --  Report as abuse
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