Jemima Khan denounces "cultish devotion" to WikiLeaks' Assange

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patconlonman wrote:

Though its obvious Julian Assange has become a left wing ideologue. I feel so many people get Assange’s story very wrong… He was questioned and released in Sweden and RELEASED then 12 days after he did the biggest informational dump in USA and probably world history the case all of a sudden becomes active again. Sweden said they would imprison him without bail if he went to sweden with out charge.
L RON HUBBARD was a conman that made up a religion to financial gain… several countries have tried to classify Scientology as a business. This is such a false equivalency it is irresponsible. Does Julian Assange have a cult of personality… yes… is he a conman like L Ron Hubbard?… no. He did something that has reverberated around the world still to this day… journalists use his website so invaluable information and after reading many of these cables you can understand more accurately what is going on… BIG THREAT TO A SECRETIVE POWER STRUCTURE. The guy has created a living nightmare to people and officials who delve into corrupt and unethical practices.
Interpol issued an arrest warrant as high level as issuing an arrest warrant for hgih profile terrorist or pariah dictators… For what?
There is a grand jury in Virginia specifically commissioned to convict him and his organization. Applebaum just had to deal with the FEDs having complete access to his facebook and twitter account.
BTW he was granted asylum by a sovereign nation people. The reason why was because Sweden refuses to interview him in Britain… though they travel to other countries to “interview” people with more serious crimes.
Lets not loose sight of the facts people… Assange has some serious EGO problems but there are people are their to get him.

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