Commentary: Trump should go easy on North Korea over Warmbier death


Otto Warmbier was the quintessential American college student. He faced a promising future and was keen to broaden his view of the world. It was likely that sense of adventure that convinced him to join a tour group traveling from China to North Korea - a country few outsiders understand.


Commentary: Macron shows his true colors

We are beginning to glimpse what underpins Emmanuel Macron’s success.


Commentary: The dangers of putting Putin under pressure

How will Vladimir Putin respond to the growing challenges against him? The Russian president, who turns 65 in October, might presently look unassailable - but maintaining that grip will get harder every year.


Commentary: When Indian cricket lost to captain Kohli

On June 18, Team India lost the Champions Trophy final. Two days later, Indian cricket lost as a whole.


Commentary: How Trump can show he’s tough on anti-Semitism

Donald Trump just got another chance to fight charges that he’s soft on anti-Semitism. Let’s hope he took it.


Commentary: Ireland - Theresa May's latest Brexit blunder

Theresa May’s fragile minority government began negotiations to leave the European Union on Monday. On Wednesday, the Queen will open the new Parliament announcing the government’s legislative priorities. The event was delayed so the British prime minister could court a sectarian Protestant party in Northern Ireland to secure the parliamentary majority she lost in this month’s elections. If May loses a vote of confidence in the House of Commons, her government will fall and the UK will have to h


Commentary: The problem with Oliver Stone and other Putin friends

Tens of thousands of anti-Putin protesters took to the streets this week, chanting “Russia will be free” as they demonstrated in major cities and medium-sized towns. Hundreds - many in their teens - were arrested; some were beaten. Alexei Navalny, the organizer and now undisputed leader of street-level opposition, was sentenced to 30 days in prison. 


Commentary: Inside Trump’s Middle East mess

President Donald Trump’s attempt to bring peace and stability to the Middle East has backfired. He has put a major U.S. ally, Qatar, in a geopolitical crisis and damaged his cabinet’s efforts to calm regional tensions. Trump’s recent trip to the area was intended to bring together like-minded Arab states and Israel to hold the line against Iran. That effort has instead divided longstanding American allies. Soon after Trump left the region, several Arab states led by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the


Commentary: What Sessions didn't tell the Senate

We stand confronted - as former Senator Bob Dole said after seeing ex-Presidents Ford, Carter, and Nixon standing together at the funeral of the Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat - with Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, and Evil.


Commentary: Trump’s silver lining in Iraq

Will the defeat of Islamic State in Iraq be a foreign policy victory for Donald Trump? With the fall of Mosul imminent, what happens next?

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