Commentary: What the U.S. State Department can learn from the musical ‘Hamilton’


It hasn't been a good 100 days for the U.S. Department of State. Like the musical Hamilton’s orphaned title character, called out in song for being a “Founding Father without a father,” State is now something of an agency without agency.


Commentary: French election reflects death of the political party

The political party is dying and independents now rule among voters around the globe. France has emerged as the leader of this movement, and the first confirmation of its depth and likely permanence will come on Sunday, when the French vote in the first round of their presidential election.


Commentary: The next super weapon could be biological

With the threat of chemical weapons in Syria and nuclear arms in North Korea, the risk of biological weapons has largely dropped off the international agenda. But evolving technologies and genetic engineering may open the door to new dangers.


Commentary: How Erdogan should use his new power in Turkey

ISTANBUL, TURKEY – On Sunday in Istanbul, thousands filled the streets protesting a historic referendum that dramatically expanded the president’s power.


Commentary: The real winners, and losers, in the Turkish referendum

Sunday’s narrow win for the “yes” campaign for constitutional change in Turkey was perhaps the worst possible result for the country. Turkish democracy, always more aspiration than reality, is now in tatters. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan won the presidential system he had desired for so long, but in doing so betrayed weaknesses that will embolden his enemies.


Commentary: What’s behind recent eruptions of anti-Semitism?

All western governments oppose anti-Semitism. Yet the old hatred continues. How toxic is it? And are recent eruptions of anti-Semitism expressions of momentary irritation, misunderstanding, or plain ignorance?


Commentary: Why Assad used chemical weapons

In the early hours of April 7, the U.S. military launched a series of missile strikes against an air base in northern Syria, in retaliation for the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons attack against civilians three days earlier.


Commentary: U.S. must walk dangerous line to manage twin Syria, North Korea crises

If there was ever any doubt that President Donald Trump’s strike against Syria was also intended to send a message to Pyongyang, the deployment this weekend of a U.S. carrier strike group towards the Korean Peninsula should have cleared it up.


Commentary: Is Syria strike the beginning of a ‘Trump doctrine’?

When President Donald Trump took office less than three months ago, few would have predicted that he would find himself so quickly launching military strikes against Syria. Since January, his administration has been quietly reducing support for Syria’s rebels, seemingly opening the door for an eventual settlement that might leave Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in charge.


Commentary: There’s still hope for the established political parties of Europe

Established parties of the democratic right and left have experienced unusually good news over the past few weeks.

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