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Actor-director Krasinski mines tears, laughs in 'The Hollars'

LOS ANGELES An aging matriarch's brain tumor diagnosis may not be the obvious scenario for a comedy, but actor-director John Krasinski wanted to show in his movie "The Hollars" that life does not always differentiate between tragedy and humor.

'Birth of a Nation' slavery movie stumbles in Hollywood

The American Film Institute has called off a Los Angeles screening of slavery movie "The Birth of a Nation" amid controversy over an old rape case involving the film's director just as Hollywood's awards season swings into gear.

Factbox - Troubled Europe debates burqas, niqabs and burkinis

BERLIN Restrictions on face and full-body veils are back in the spotlight in parts of Europe after some French cities banned the burkini swimsuit, saying the garment, which leaves only the face, hands and feet exposed, defies laws on secularism.

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