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Insight: Ukraine revolt shows faces, but whose are the brains?


DONETSK/SLAVIANSK Ukraine - One is a dapper former croupier and promoter of Ponzi scams run by "Russia's Bernie Madoff"; the other is a burly Soviet Navy veteran turned soap factory boss, with a shifting gaze and a glint of gold teeth.

6:17am IST

U.N. chief demands Security Council action on Syria


UNITED NATIONS - U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon demanded on Wednesday that the Security Council take action in Syria on violations of international law as he reported to the body that none of the warring parties was adhering to U.N. demands for aid access.

World, Syria 6:04am IST

Wed, Apr 23 2014

Children's corpses reveal desperate attempts to escape Korean ferry


MOKPO/SEOUL - South Korean divers swam though dark, cold waters into a sunken ferry on Wednesday, feeling for children's bodies with their hands in a maze of cabins, corridors and upturned decks as they searched for hundreds of missing.

23 Apr 2014

"Murdered" Ukraine politician faced hostile mob, video shows

SLAVIANSK Ukraine - The Ukrainian town councillor whose apparent torture and murder helped to prompt a threatened new government offensive in the east was mobbed by a hostile, pro-Russian crowd before he disappeared, a video of the incident shows.

6:18am IST

Russia says it will respond if Ukraine interests attacked


KIEV - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States of being behind the political upheaval in Ukraine and said Moscow would respond if its interests came under attack.

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Brother-in-law of Britain's Prince Charles dies in New York

NEW YORK - Mark Shand, the brother-in-law of Britain's Prince Charles, died in a New York hospital on Wednesday after suffering a serious head injury in a fall outside a club following a charity event.

5:54am IST

Green groups urge U.S. to drop solar trade case against India


WASHINGTON - Environmental groups urged the United States on Wednesday to drop a challenge to India's massive solar program and said the World Trade Organization case would only hurt the growth of renewable energy resources.

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Syria eyes end of chemical arms monitoring mission; West disagrees

UNITED NATIONS - Syria declared on Wednesday that it is looking ahead to the dismantling of the international mission overseeing the destruction of the conflict-torn country's chemical arsenal, though Western officials say they want the team to keep working.

World, Syria 4:18am IST

Hamas, Abbas's PLO announce reconciliation agreement


GAZA/RAMALLAH West Bank - The Gaza-based Islamist group Hamas and President Mahmoud Abbas's Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) announced a unity pact on Wednesday, deepening a crisis in U.S.-brokered peace talks with Israel.

World, Israel 1:42am IST

Turkey's Erdogan offers condolences for 1915 killings of Armenians


ANKARA - Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan offered on Wednesday what the government said were unprecedented condolences to the grandchildren of Armenians killed in World War One by Ottoman soldiers.

1:59am IST