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Divided, Scots prepare to vote on fate of the United Kingdom


EDINBURGH - Just hours before Scotland's independence referendum, the fate of the United Kingdom rests on hundreds of thousands of wavering Scottish voters, as opinion polls showed supporters of the 307-year union just a whisker ahead of secessionists.

4:38am IST

Obama vows U.S. will not fight another ground war in Iraq


MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE Fla. - President Barack Obama, trying to reassure war-weary Americans, vowed on Wednesday the United States will not fight another ground war in Iraq but his spokesman said some military advisers could end up in front-line positions against Islamic State.

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Wed, Sep 17 2014

World holds its breath, mostly hoping Scots vote "No"


PARIS - The world is holding its breath but mostly hoping Scotland will vote "No" to independence from Britain in Thursday's referendum.

Top News, World 17 Sep 2014

Ebola could drain billions of dollars from African economies - World Bank


WASHINGTON - The largest-ever outbreak of Ebola could drain billions of dollars from economies in West Africa by the end of next year if the epidemic is not contained, the World Bank said in an analysis on Wednesday.

World, Top News 17 Sep 2014

Australia police launch massive 'counter-terrorism' raids

SYDNEY - Hundreds of heavily armed police raided homes in Sydney and Brisbane before dawn on Thursday, launching a large-scale Australian "counter-terrorism operation" just days after the country raised its national terror threat level to high for the first time.

4:03am IST

U.S. says Scottish independence vote could have economic impact


LOS ANGELES - The United States will closely follow the Scottish independence vote on Thursday because it has potentially big economic consequences, a top Obama administration official said.

4:15am IST

Measles vaccination campaign halted in northern Syria after 15 children die


ISTANBUL - Fifteen children died after being vaccinated against measles in northern Syria, resulting in the programme being halted, aid workers said on Wednesday, a tragedy likely to damage trust in health services in opposition-held areas.

World, Syria 3:18am IST

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford diagnosed with rare cancer


REUTERS - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has a very rare and aggressive type of cancerous tumor in his abdomen, his doctor said on Wednesday, adding he would start chemotherapy treatment within days.

3:54am IST

U.S. welcomes China's first-time attendance at naval forum

WASHINGTON - Top U.S. Navy officials welcomed China's first-time attendance at a 113-nation naval forum on Wednesday but made clear that despite progress in U.S.-Chinese military interaction, more work is needed to avoid incidents that could trigger a crisis.

2:02am IST

Nuclear deal elusive as Iran, six powers resume talks in New York

UNITED NATIONS - A diplomatic breakthrough is unlikely on a nuclear deal to end sanctions against Iran when talks resume in New York this week between Tehran and six world powers deadlocked after a year of negotiations.

1:11am IST