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Hong Kong police warn protesters against occupying buildings


HONG KONG - Hong Kong police promised on Thursday to respond firmly to any attempt by thousands of pro-democracy protesters to occupy administrative buildings, and authorities urged people to immediately end their blockade of the city centre.

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Islamic State presses assault on Syrian border town, Kurds warn Turkey


SURUC Turkey/BEIRUT - Islamic State insurgents tightened their grip on a Syrian border town on Thursday despite coalition air strikes, sending thousands more Kurdish refugees into Turkey and dragging Ankara deeper into the conflict.

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Scores possibly exposed to U.S. Ebola patient; four isolated


DALLAS - Up to 100 people may have had direct or indirect contact with the first person to be diagnosed with the deadly Ebola virus in the United States, and four of his relatives have been quarantined in their homes as a precaution, health officials said Thursday.

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Hong Kong leader says will not step down in face of protests


HONG KONG - Hong Kong's leader, Leung Chun-ying, told pro-democracy protesters late on Thursday that he had no intention of stepping down, and warned them that the consequences of occupying government buildings would be serious.

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Change looms for Nobel Peace Prize as chairman risks coup


OSLO/STOCKHOLM - The head of the Nobel Peace Prize committee risks a unprecedented demotion after announcing the 2014 winner next week, part of wider changes that could both tilt the award to the right and dim chances for future U.S. presidents to win.

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Putin says "foolish" sanctions will not hold back Russia


MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin dismissed Western sanctions as "utter foolishness" on Thursday and said they would not stop Russia developing into a stronger economic power.

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Ebola arrival shakes cultural crossroads community in Dallas


DALLAS - In the Dallas community of Vickery Meadow, a cultural polyglot where about three dozen languages are spoken, the one word on everyone's lips is "Ebola."

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Cuban doctors, nurses head to West Africa to help in Ebola fight

HAVANA - Cuban President Raul Castro has dispatched the first group of 165 Cuban doctors and nurses to West Africa to help combat an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, official media reported on Thursday.

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As Kurds regain ground in Iraq, new challenges emerge

HASSAN SHAM Iraq - The changing fortunes of war in northern Iraq are recorded in layers of graffiti daubed on the walls of villages overrun by Islamic State militants this summer, but since re-appropriated by Kurdish peshmerga forces.

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Prince William warns paparazzi against "harassing" George


LONDON - Britain's Prince William has warned two photographers against trailing his baby son George during walks in London parks with his nanny, saying their behaviour amounted to "harassment".

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