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U.S. hopes Chinese island-building will spur Asian response


WASHINGTON - By releasing video of Beijing’s island reclamation work and considering more assertive maritime actions, the United States is signaling a tougher stance over the South China Sea and trying to spur Asian partners to more action. | Video

11:50am IST

U.S. military mistakenly ships live anthrax to labs in 9 states

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK - The U.S. military mistakenly sent live anthrax bacteria to laboratories in nine U.S. states and a U.S. air base in South Korea, after apparently failing to properly inactivate the bacteria last year, U.S. officials said on Wednesday. | Video

1:08pm IST

Exclusive: Russia masses heavy firepower on border with Ukraine - witness


KHUTOR CHKALOVA, Russia - Russia's army is massing troops and hundreds of pieces of weaponry including mobile rocket launchers, tanks and artillery at a makeshift base near the border with Ukraine, a Reuters reporter saw this week.

11:39am IST

Insight: All at sea: Australia's search for MH370 under scrutiny


SYDNEY - Nearly a year after embarking on a multi-million dollar quest to solve one of aviation's greatest unsolved mysteries, authorities and search teams are being criticised over their approach to finding Flight MH370 in the remote southern Indian Ocean. | Video

UK takes hard line on EU reform as Cameron starts European tour


LONDON - The European Union must amend its founding treaties to accommodate Britain's renegotiation drive, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on Thursday, warning that London needed a meaty deal to persuade voters to stay in the bloc.

4:14pm IST

Western women who join Islamic State defy "jihadi bride" stereotype - report

LONDON - Western women joining Islamic State are increasingly from comfortable backgrounds and often well educated with romantic notions of adventure often quickly dispelled by the harshness of life as a "Jihadi bride", according to a British research report.

4:37pm IST

Emboldened in Syria and Iraq, Islamic State may be reaching limits of expansion


LONDON - With its two biggest victories in nearly a year in Iraq and Syria, Islamic State has energised its fighters, littered the streets of two cities with the bodies of its enemies and forced Washington to re-examine its strategy.

World, Syria, Iraq 12:54pm IST

Iran's Zarif hopes for nuclear deal within "reasonable period of time"


ATHENS - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Thursday he hoped Tehran and world powers would reach a final nuclear deal "within a reasonable period of time" but this would be hard if the other side stuck to what he called excessive demands.

4:28pm IST

Pentagon chief urges end to island-building in South China Sea


U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter called on Wednesday for an immediate end to island-building by China and other countries near the South China Sea, urging the participants to stop militarising the dispute and find a peaceful solution.

1:36pm IST

Pope visit preparations promote unity in multi-faith Bosnia


SREBRENICA, Bosnia - Even before arriving in Sarajevo, Pope Francis has achieved a remarkable feat.

3:53pm IST