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'La La Land,' 'Moonlight' among AFI's best films of 2016

LOS ANGELES Modern musical "La La Land," independent drama "Moonlight" and sci-fi movie "Arrival" were among the diverse genres selected as the year's best films by the American Film Institute (AFI) on Thursday.

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In fossil rarity, tumour found in 255-million-year-old beast

WASHINGTON Scientists examining the jawbone of a saber-toothed, mammal-like beast that prowled Tanzania 255 million years ago have come across a remarkable fossil rarity: one of the oldest-known tumours.

6:35am IST

Remarkable feathered dinosaur tail found in chunk of amber

WASHINGTON Some 99 million years ago, a juvenile dinosaur got its feathery tail stuck in tree resin, a death trap for the small creature. But its misfortune is now giving scientists unique insight into feathered dinosaurs that prospered during the Cretaceous Period.

8:16am IST

Book hand-written and illustrated by J.K. Rowling up for sale

LONDON "Harry Potter" fans will be able to bid for a piece of history next week when a book designed, hand-written and illustrated by J.K. Rowling goes on sale at Sotheby's auction house in London. | Video

08 Dec 2016

Fantasy meets tragedy in surreal 'A Monster Calls'

NEW YORK A teenage boy's struggle with his mother's terminal illness takes a surreal turn when he finds comfort in a giant talking tree monster in the emotional fantasy drama "A Monster Calls." | Video

2:56am IST

Japanese kindergarten teaches students pre-war ideals

TOKYO At first glance, the Tsukamoto kindergarten looks like any other school in Japan, but its unique curriculum is reminiscent of pre-war Japan. | Video

6:54am IST

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