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Designer Oscar de la Renta's funeral to be private New York affair

NEW YORK - Oscar de la Renta, the renowned fashion designer who died on Monday at the age of 82, will be buried at a private funeral in New York early next month.

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Daughter of Larry Flynt dies following car crash in Ohio

REUTERS - The adult daughter of Hustler Magazine founder and free-speech activist Larry Flynt died on Friday from injuries sustained a week ago in a car crash in Ohio that left her pinned beneath the vehicle, the Montgomery County coroner's office said.

25 Oct 2014

"Shell Shock" opera brings trauma of World War One to stage

BRUSSELS - Belgian composer Nicholas Lens and Australian rocker Nick Cave have joined forces to create an opera marking the centenary of World War One, depicting the horrors of the conflict through the eyes of soldiers, deserters, a nurse and an orphan.

25 Oct 2014

Actor Keanu Reeves returns to the dark side in 'John Wick'

NEW YORK - Actor Keanu Reeves travels to a murky underworld in the action thriller, "John Wick," playing a grieving husband and retired assassin, who reverts to being a killing machine to avenge the wrongs done to him by Russian mobsters.

23 Oct 2014

Trip Tips: New York City for music lovers

NEW YORK - There are 8 million rhythms in the naked city.

24 Oct 2014

Britain's Queen Elizabeth sends her first tweet

LONDON - Britain's Queen Elizabeth made her first foray into the world of social media on Friday when she sent out her inaugural message on Twitter.

24 Oct 2014

Movie Review: Happy New Year

If there is one person who loves Shah Rukh Khan more than Shah Rukh Khan, it has to be Farah Khan. Right from her first film, the director has been enamoured with the Bollywood star – at least on screen. It isn’t a surprise that the biggest dud in her career was a film that didn’t include the actor (Tees Maar Khan).

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