Cupcakes & time travel: Changing cities explored in Berlin show


BERLIN - If you could go back in time to change your city, what would you do? What kind of a place do you want to live in? Would you try to stop gentrification?

British Museum celebrates three generations of manga artists

LONDON - London's British Museum takes a look at manga, Japan's widely popular graphic art form, in a new exhibition showcasing the works of different generations of artists. | Video

Wind-powered 'Strandbeests' strut through Boston at start of U.S. tour

BOSTON - A pair of skeletal sculptures that harness the power of the wind to walk strutted around Boston's City Hall on Friday at the start of the U.S. tour of Dutch artist Theo Jansen's "Strandbeests."

Clive Owen makes Broadway debut in Pinter's 'Old Times'

NEW YORK - British actor Clive Owen swaps Hollywood for the stage in "Old Times", making his Broadway debut in a revival of Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter's 1971 play. | Video

ABBA piano seen raising money, money, money at auction

LONDON - The piano used to play the glissando that kicks off ABBA's disco hit "Dancing Queen" will be one of the star attractions at a rock and pop auction at Sotheby's next month where it is expected to sell for up to 800,000 pounds ($1.24 million). | Video

Botticelli painted modern beauties - in 1400s, show says

LONDON - An exhibition that portrays the 15th-century Italian painter Sandro Botticelli and his blonde Venuses as an inspiration for the modern Western ideal of female beauty will open this month in Berlin and in March in London, curators said on Thursday.

FBI warns U.S. art dealers about antiquities looted from Syria, Iraq

- The FBI on Wednesday urged art dealers in the United States to be careful when buying antiquities from the Middle East, saying there is evidence collectors have recently been offered artifacts plundered by Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq.

Milan show depicts drama of modern motherhood

MILAN - A 1896 film of a woman plucking babies from a cabbage patch marks a whimsical start to a Milan exhibition that examines artistic representations of motherhood, but the mood turns more sinister as the show moves into the 20th century.

Cumberbatch's 'Hamlet' wears a hoodie, wows fans in London

LONDON - Benedict Cumberbatch delivered a "Hamlet" for our time in London in a production that played to his strengths, dresses up Shakespeare for a younger crowd and had the British actor's fans roaring in approval at the end.

Dutch hope to buy Rembrandt portraits for 160 million euros

AMSTERDAM - The national Rijksmuseum gallery in Amsterdam is close to finalizing a 160 million euro deal to purchase two portraits by the Dutch master Rembrandt from the French Rothschild family, museum director Wim Pijbes said on Monday.