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Concussions tied to more school problems than other injuries 25 May 2016

(Reuters Health) - High school and college students who get concussions may struggle more with academics than their peers who get other types of sports injuries, a small U.S. study suggests.

In U.S. Army, enlisted soldiers' risk of suicide attempts varies over time

(Reuters Health) - The risk of attempted suicide peaks at several points during enlisted soldiers' time in the U.S. Army, a new study found.

3:00am IST

Infertility can take the fun out of women’s sex lives

(Reuters Health) - Women seeking fertility treatment, particularly young women, may experience a negative impact on their sex lives, although it will likely dissipate over time, according to a U.S. study.

1:34am IST

Lung cancer patients at bigger cancer centers may have better outcomes

(Reuters Health) - Lung cancer patients getting radiation at hospitals with higher rates of participation in a clinical trial fared significantly better compared to those at centers with low participation, U.S. researchers say.

1:00am IST

After skin cancer, sun protection is still spotty

(Reuters Health) - Even though people may be more careful in the sun after skin cancer, having had a malignancy still doesn’t convince everybody to take basic precautions like wearing hats or sunscreen, a recent U.S. study suggests.

25 May 2016

A suitable coach for the Indian cricket team

The Indian cricket board's experiment with former Indian players as coaches needs to reach its logical conclusion - an Indian head coach. At least, this time the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has the luxury of considering someone with credentials such as Rahul Dravid.

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