Move over Picasso: first-ever emojis to hang in N.Y. Museum of Modern Art

NEW YORK Smiley faces and images of food and cats designed almost 20 years ago by a Japanese phone company and used in digital messages worldwide have now attained the status of art.

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Young Egyptians scream their stress away in Cairo bookshop 26 Oct 2016

CAIRO Visitors to a bookshop in Cairo are being invited into a dark, soundproof room to scream at the top of their lungs in an effort to relieve their frustrations and escape from the stresses of daily life. | Video

Michelin hands stars to 54 San Francisco restaurants 26 Oct 2016

Michelin awarded stars to 54 San Francisco-area restaurants in the 2017 edition of its eating guide on the City by the Bay that will be launched on Wednesday.

Russian BASE jumps from 7,700 meters in Himalayas 25 Oct 2016

CHO OYU, Nepal Russian daredevil Valery Rozov leapt from a height of 7,700 meters (8,421 yards) off the Himalayan mountain Cho Oyu and spiraled without a parachute for 90 seconds in a BASE jumping world record attempt. | Video

The $900,000 question behind Bob Dylan's Nobel prize 25 Oct 2016

STOCKHOLM Many writers might give their right arm to be paid almost $1 million to deliver a lecture. But Bob Dylan's silence since he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature might mean he never sees the award money.

Scholars use Big Data to show Marlowe co-wrote three Shakespeare plays 25 Oct 2016

LONDON A new edition of William Shakespeare's complete works will name Christopher Marlowe as co-author of three plays, shedding new light on the links between the two great playwrights after centuries of speculation and conspiracy theories.


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