Britain's real-life 'Iron Man' has high hopes for jet suit

SOMERSET, England The British inventor of an "Iron Man"-style jet suit has lofty hopes that his project, which started out as fun experiment, could become a practical tool for industries ranging from entertainment to the military. | Video

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Vietnam's spirit mediums revive once forbidden ritual 26 May 2017

HANOI Dressed in the bright silk garments of a woman and dancing with candles between his fingers, Nguyen Duy Nam leads a temple of worshippers in a ceremony honoring mystical goddesses of forest, water and heaven.

Biggest exhibit of human-like fossils goes on display in South Africa 26 May 2017

THE CRADLE OF HUMANKIND, South Africa An exhibit of the largest collection of fossils of close human relatives ever to go on public display opened on Thursday in South Africa, not far from the caves where they were unearthed. | Video

Belgian hermit on Austrian mountain awaits visitors with schnapps 25 May 2017

VIENNA A 58-year-old former surveying technician from Belgium has taken up his new post as the official hermit of Saalfelden, living in a hut-sized chapel built into a cliff in the mountains of western Austria.

New Cairo museum hopes Tutankhamun's chariot will be a draw for tourists 24 May 2017

CAIRO A chariot and funeral bed belonging to ancient Egypt's boy-king Tutankhamun were safely moved on Tuesday across Cairo to a new museum that Egypt hopes will lure back wary tourists.

Japanese interactive art exhibition dazzles Beijing 24 May 2017

BEIJING A new digital interactive exhibition in Beijing allows visitors to create their own art and see it immediately reflected in the work being displayed around them.

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Baseball for the blind in Cuba 2:55am IST

The Communist-run country quickly adopted this version of blind baseball after it was developed in the 1990s in Italy, but it has only really caught on in recent years, spreading to all corners of the Caribbean island.