Experts launch project to digitize neglected Bosnian heritage

SARAJEVO - A group of Balkan experts have launched a high-tech project to digitize Bosnia's historical archives which were partly destroyed during its three wars last century and are still under threat from neglect and a lack of funding.

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Fedoras share tips on food-beer pairings in new cookbook 19 Aug 2014

NEW YORK - Husband and wife team Brooke and Luther Fedora show how beer adds complexity to a dish and why selecting the right brew can elevate any meal in their debut cookbook, "The Foodie's Beer Book."

Poet Behbahani, 'lioness of Iran', dies at 87: state media 19 Aug 2014

DUBAI - Poet Simin Behbahani, a champion of women's rights and free speech whose lyrical verse captured the hopes and disappointments of Iranians since the 1979 revolution, died on Tuesday at the age of 87, official media reported.

Melbourne found most 'liveable city'; Damascus comes last 19 Aug 2014

LONDON - Melbourne tops the ranking as the world's most pleasant city to live in for the fourth year running, but an Economist Intelligence Unit poll also finds that turmoil in Ukraine and the Middle East have pushed other cities down the list.

Japan showcases island invasion tactics in annual firepower show 19 Aug 2014

TOKYO - Japanese battle tanks, helicopters and elite troops stormed the foothills of Mount Fuji Tuesday in a first-of-its-kind display of the tactics and equipment the nation's military could use to defend or retake islands in and around the East China Sea.

Facing decline, Japan's pachinko industry tries offering a clean, well-lighted place 19 Aug 2014

TOKYO - Japan's once-booming pachinko industry, grappling with a graying customer base and the threat of new competition from casinos, is adopting a softer touch and smoke-free zones to lure a new generation of players, particularly women.

Water power 6:18pm IST

Construction continues on a hydropower dam near the border between Switzerland and France.