Russian balloonist sets world record for circumnavigation

Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov has landed safely in a field on a private property in West Australia after setting a world record for circumnavigating the world solo in a hot air balloon.

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Cosplay evolves into geek couture 23 Jul 2016

San Diego may be miles away from fashion capitals like New York, Paris and Milan, but that doesn't mean that the costumes on display at the city's annual Comic-Con can't be runway-ready. | Video

British jousters want medieval 'martial art' made Olympic sport 22 Jul 2016

LONDON British enthusiasts have launched a bid for the ancient sport of jousting, in which riders in steel armor charge and try to knock each other off their horses with a 12-foot (3.7 m) pole, to be made an Olympic sport. | Video

Magic marker! Japanese pen lights up artwork 22 Jul 2016

TOKYO, July 22 A Japanese startup has developed a pen that can bring pictures to life using a silver quick drying ink that conducts electricity. | Video

FBI repatriates recovered 1,000-year-old Mayan artifacts to Guatemala 23 Jul 2016

LOS ANGELES Federal authorities on Friday formally repatriated a collection of more than thousand-year-old Mayan artifacts to the Guatemalan government at a ceremony in Los Angeles after recovering them from the estate of a deceased art collector.The collection of limestone sculptures was turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by a person handling the estate of the collector, who has not been publicly identified.

Santas from all over the world meet to talk shop 21 Jul 2016

With just five months until Christmas, Santas from around the world are gathering in Copenhagen for a mid-season break at the annual World Santa Claus Congress. | Video


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