Madagascar mess-ups keep tourist 'paradise' marooned

ANTANANARIVO - Perched on the muddy bank of a river meandering through rolling green hills, the Lemurs' Park near Madagascar's capital is rated one of the city's top attractions, but you would not know it from the number of visitors.

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'Blue Beach' offers Gazans a glimpse of the good life 31 Jul 2015

GAZA - A luxurious new tourist resort has opened in the Gaza Strip, its manicured lawns, sparkling pool and private beach in stark contrast to the impoverished territory still struggling to recover from last year's war.

Broadway's buzzy 'Hamilton' music to the ears of founding father's fans 31 Jul 2015

NEW YORK - Broadway hip-hop musical "Hamilton" is the hottest ticket in town this summer, and George Cox is, in a word, ecstatic.

Los Angeles police return Afghan immigrants' lost wedding album 01 Aug 2015

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles airport police used Facebook to track down an Afghan immigrant couple who accidentally left their wedding album at the international terminal last year, leading to a ceremonial presentation this week of the long-lost memento, an official said on Friday.

Zoo keeper steps in with teddy bear to hand-rear baby sloth 31 Jul 2015

LONDON - When baby sloth Edward Scissorhands' mother stopped producing milk and could not care for her infant, a London zoo keeper stepped in as a replacement mother - with the help of a teddy bear from a gift shop. | Video

Pre-Civil War baseball card fetches $179K at auction 31 Jul 2015

- A rare pre-Civil War baseball card that was handed down as an heirloom within the family of a ballplayer for more than 150 years fetched $179,250 at an auction in Chicago on Thursday.

Volcano animal sacrifice null

Worshipers throw offerings such as livestock and other crops into the volcanic crater of Mount Bromo to give thanks to the Hindu gods.