Online traders get new safe zone from possible harm: police stations

SEATTLE - After responding to a Craigslist advertisement for a cheap Toyota, Fred Wallace and his wife took $5,000 cash and drove to meet the seller at nightfall at a gated community in California.

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Hemsley sisters find 'eat your greens' sells cookbooks 28 Apr 2015

LONDON - Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley are getting noticed for their style of cooking using wholesome ingredients, but which has diners saying "this doesn't taste healthy" -- and meaning it as a compliment.

Olympian Bruce Jenner makes transgender history by identifying as a woman 27 Apr 2015

LOS ANGELES - Olympic gold medalist and reality TV star Bruce Jenner said on Friday that he identifies as a woman, becoming the most high-profile American to come out as transgender. | Video

Broga yoga for men: more macho, less mantra 28 Apr 2015

NEW YORK - Men who crave the benefits of yoga, but recoil at sharing the experience with a room full of women are turning to Broga, a rugged take on the 3,000-year-old practice of movement and breath.

China wine growers beat France into second place 27 Apr 2015

PARIS - China overtook France last year as the world's second largest wine grower by area under cultivation as it continued to plant vast fields of mostly imported grape vines to meet growing demand.

A round of golf takes too long to play, survey finds 27 Apr 2015

LONDON - In the fast-paced modern world, a typical round of golf takes too much time away from family or work for many players, a survey commissioned by the sport's governing body showed on Monday.

The state of gay marriage 12:12am IST

Public support for gay marriage in the U.S. has steadily grown in recent years and is particularly strong among younger Americans.