Sex website seizure spurs San Francisco bid to decriminalize prostitution

SAN FRANCISCO - The head of San Francisco’s Erotic Service Providers Union has been a sex worker for 24 years — and "I hope to be doing it for another 24," says Maxine Doogan.

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Macho sport looks to feminine side in women's World Cup 9:56pm IST

PARIS - It is seen as the ultimate macho sport, but for the 12 captains in Paris on Tuesday at the official launch of the women's World Cup there is much more to rugby than a chance to break a few gender stereotypes.

World music fest adds the actual taste of what people hear 2:14pm IST

CHARLTON PARK England - In their native Iran, Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat are best known for their soaring voices, flawless harmonies and dedication to the art of singing in the face of tough restrictions on public performances by women.

In change of heart Nepal to allow cremation of Tibetan monk 8:34pm IST

KATHMANDU - Nepal will allow a monk prominent in Tibetan Buddhism to be cremated in a monastery in Kathmandu, a minister said on Tuesday, disregarding fears of possible anti-China protests by his followers during the funeral.

Holocaust victim, artist Charlotte Salomon's life premieres as opera 10:04pm IST

SALZBURG Austria - The Berlin-born Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon left behind a body of watercolors and text she called "Life? or Theatre?" before she was killed at Auschwitz in 1943 at age 26, carrying her unborn child.

Arial, Times New Roman ... and now the 'Hugo Chavez' font 1:12am IST

CARACAS - Supporters of Venezuela's late socialist leader Hugo Chavez on Monday unveiled yet another novel way of keeping his memory alive - a font for typing in "El Comandante's" handwriting style.

Animals of the Amazon 9:20pm IST

The National Park in Peru has one of the highest levels of biodiversity of any park in the world.