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Forsooth! Joy for Richard III as Leicester shock world

LONDON There was no shortage of superlatives on Tuesday after little Leicester City were crowned champions of the world's richest soccer league. New fans sprung up worldwide overnight, but few could explain the season's extraordinary events.

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Escaped Texas inmate found hiding in apartment dishwasher

AUSTIN, Texas A Texas county jail inmate who escaped custody while receiving treatment in a hospital was found in the dishwasher of his girlfriend's apartment in boxer shorts and wearing handcuffs with the chain severed, a sheriff's department said on Thursday.

15 Apr 2016

Drone hunt for Loch Ness Monster finds its film double

LONDON A high-tech marine drone scouring the depths of Scotland's Loch Ness for one of nature's most elusive beasts has found a "monster" - but not the one it was looking for.

Lifestyle 13 Apr 2016

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