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A car stops beside a house in the middle of a newly built road in Wenling, Zhejiang province, China, November 22, 2012. An elderly couple refused to sign an agreement to allow their house to be demolished. They say that compensation offered is not enough to cover rebuilding costs, according to local media. Their house is the only building left standing on a road which is paved through their village. REUTERS/China Daily

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The Kermit the Frog balloon floats during the 86th Macy's Thanksgiving day parade in New York November 22, 2012. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

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The Oppidans team huddle during the Eton Wall Game at Eton college in Eton November 17, 2012. Originating in 1766, the game is played on a narrow strip 110 meters long up against a wall. The idea is to move the ball along the wall with your feet and score a goal at the far end. Goals are very rare, the last one scored was a hundred years ago in 1909. REUTERS/Eddie Keogh

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Hot air balloons fly over Metropolitano park as ducks move during the International Hot-Air Balloon Festival in Leon, in the Mexican state of Guanajuato November 19, 2012. REUTERS/Mario Armas

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A protester throws a molotov cocktail towards riot police during clashes after a rally to mark the one-year anniversary of fatal clashes at Mohamed Mahmoud street, in the vicinity of the Interior Ministry, in Cairo November 21, 2012. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

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Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives at the European Union (EU) council headquarters for an EU leaders summit discussing the EU's long-term budget in Brussels, Belgium, November 23, 2012. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

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A member of the Free Syrian Army receives treatment for a head injury near the town of Atareb November 18, 2012. Picture taken November 18, 2012. REUTERS/Abdalghne Karoof

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Kim Joyce stands in front of the remains of her home destroyed by Hurricane Sandy on Crescent Beach, Staten Island November 14, 2012. Joyce, who owned one of the last remaining beach bungalow style houses on the south shore of the island, had to swim to safety as the storm crashed through her house. She had to leave her pets behind but she returns each day in the hope that one of her nine cats will reappear. So far she has found...

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A Palestinian searches for victims under the rubble of the destroyed house of a Hamas official after an Israeli air strike in Jabalya in the northern Gaza Strip November 17, 2012. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

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A man dressed as a friar jumps from a 13-meter high cliff during the "Jump of the Friar", along Herradura Beach in Lima, November 16, 2012. The jump was to commemorate a local legend, that of a friar who leapt into the sea from the same rock to commit suicide over his love of a woman, some two hundred years ago. REUTERS/Mariana Bazo

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A pig dives into the water in Ningxiang county, Hunan province, China, November 15, 2012. Villager Huang Demin drives his pigs to dive into the water from a 3-meter-high platform at least once a day, believing that the diving exercises would improve the quality and taste of the meat. He would later sell the meat of his pigs at three times higher than market prices, local media reported. REUTERS/Stringer

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Professional performers 'Doctor Sfrckljana' and 'Doctor Obizek Cvilka', members of the Red Noses clown doctors, perform in a clinic for infectious diseases in Ljubljana November 7, 2012. Since 2004 the 15 clown doctors, inspired by the U.S. Doctor 'Patch' Adams, visit different hospitals throughout Slovenia 2-3 times a week, using laughter to help aid the recovery of young and elderly patients suffering from serious illness or...

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Member of the European Parliament Licia Ronzulli of Italy takes part with her daughter Vittoria in a voting session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, November 21, 2012. REUTERS/Vincent Kessler

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A man works putting together Guinea-Bissau's state newspaper at a printing press in the capital Bissau October 30, 2012. During colonialism, the printers produced Portuguese colonial newsletters. After independence they printed the state newspaper and official bulletins. REUTERS/Joe Penney

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Police dogs attack a man found stealing from ethnic Somali homes during the second day of skirmishes in the Eastleigh neighbourhood of Kenya's capital Nairobi, November 19, 2012. Police fired tear gas to disperse Kenyans who threw stones and broke into the homes and shops of ethnic Somalis in Nairobi's Somali-dominated Eastleigh neighbourhood on Monday to protest against a bomb attack in the district on Sunday. REUTERS/Thomas...

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President Barack Obama (R) hugs Aung San Suu Kyi at the end of their remarks to the media at her residence in Yangon, November 19, 2012. President Obama became the first serving U.S. president to visit Myanmar on Monday, trying during a whirlwind six-hour trip to strike a balance between praising the government's progress in shaking off military rule and pressing for more reform. REUTERS/Jason Reed

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A naked man stands on a statue in Whitehall, central London November 23, 2012. The man posed on a statue of Prince George, the Duke of Cambridge in front of onlookers for nearly three hours on Friday, he was coaxed down and put into the back of a police van shortly after 3pm. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

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Workers stack dried mud bricks inside a kiln where they are fired at a traditional brick manufacturing site in Sanaa, November 20, 2012. The bricks are made from clay and straw, and are widely used in the construction of houses due to its low cost. REUTERS/Mohamed al-Sayaghi

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The tops of high rise buildings stick out from a blanket of think fog covering Warsaw early morning, Poland, October 12, 2012. REUTERS/Mateusz Olszowy

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The Soyuz TMA-05M spacecraft is seen shortly after it landed with the International Space Station (ISS) crew of Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and U.S. astronaut Sunita Williams near the town of Arkalyk in northern Kazakhstan November 19, 2012. REUTERS/Sergei Remezov

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