Most risky cities

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1: The Tokyo-Yokohama area is the riskiest region in the world as measured by the number of people exposed to a natural disaster, according to a new assessment of cities under threat from natural disaster from insurer Swiss Re. Tokyo is situated in a zone of high seismic activity, as well as monsoons, river floods and tsunami, with close to 30 million residents potentially affected. REUTERS/Yuya Shino

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2: Manila is second with substantial earthquake, typhoon and storm surge risks. REUTERS/Erik de Castro

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3: The Pearl River Delta region, comprising Hong Kong and Guangzhou, is a flood plain at risk of cyclones, river swelling and earthquakes. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

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5: The 1995 earthquake in Osaka-Kobe killed thousands. The area, which sits on a coastal plain, is also exposed to severe storms, river flooding and is the third-most tsunami-prone city in the world. REUTERS/File

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5: Almost half of Jakarta is below sea level. The soil is soft and the city lies near a fault line. An earthquake in these conditions can literally liquify the soil. Jakarta is also at risk of river flooding.  REUTERS/Enny Nuraheni

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6: Nagoya lies near a fault line off the coast of Japan, exposing the metropolitan area to tsunami and storm risk. REUTERS/Japan Ground Self-Defence Force 10th Division

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7: Kolkata is exposed to river flooding, tropical storms and is high in potential tsunami risk. REUTERS/Jayanta Shaw

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8: Shanghai is home to a large number of residents living on a flood-prone plain. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

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9: Los Angeles, located on the San Andreas fault, is among the world's most earthquake-prone cities. REUTERS/Fred Prouser

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10: Tehran, with a population of over 13 million, is exposed to the North Anatolian fault. Poorly enforced building codes in the city could make any earthquake even more deadly. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi

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