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Protests over Gaza
Fri, Jul 25 2014

Protests around the world over Israel's Gaza offensive.

Ramadan - breaking my fast
Fri, Jul 25 2014

Portraits of Muslims observing Ramadan and the food they like to eat when breaking their daily fast.

Editor's Choice
Fri, Jul 25 2014

Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

India this week
Fri, Jul 25 2014

Some of our best photos from across the country this week.

When rains cause a mess
Fri, Jul 25 2014

The much-awaited monsoon rains can sometimes cause hardships.

First World War firsts
Fri, Jul 25 2014

World War One pioneered many "firsts" in technological, scientific and societal innovations.

Amid the crash site
Fri, Jul 25 2014

Details amid the MH17 debris field in Ukraine.

MH17 crash site
Thu, Jul 24 2014

The aftermath of the Malaysian airliner crash.

Wargames in the Pacific
Thu, Jul 24 2014

Ships, sailors and soldiers from countries across the Pacific take part in RIMPAC, one of the world's largest naval exercises.

UN school in Gaza hit
Thu, Jul 24 2014

Shells hit a U.N.-run school sheltering Palestinians in the northern Gaza strip.



Kandahar to Idaho: a life in recovery

24 Jul 2014

Two years ago, Sgt. Matt Krumwiede’s life was changed forever by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. Last month, he returned home to Idaho.


Waiting to die

23 Jul 2014

Devotees come to the River Ganges to wash away their sins - and to die and have their ashes scattered at this holy site.

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