Facing eviction


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31-year-old Amaya Munoz reacts as she hears noise outside her apartment as an anti-eviction activist blocks a window with her own body, before Munoz's eviction in Madrid September 11, 2013. Munoz stopped making her monthly rent payments a year ago when she became unemployed. According to Munoz, her unemployment benefits were not enough to cover rent and living expenses and she accumulated a debt of more than 8,000 euros ($10,635). Lacking family support to rely on, she turned to the Victims' Mortgage Platform (PAH), hoping they could help her stop her eviction. Some members of the platform spent the night at her place and blocked the door and windows of her home this morning so as to prevent police from getting in and carrying out the eviction. The real estate company that owns her rental flat offered to give Munoz two years to pay her debt if she moved out voluntarily, otherwise police would use all means necessary to break into the home and detain everyone there. Munoz then decided to take the offer so that no one would get arrested. REUTERS/Susana Vera