India's women defend themselves


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Aanchal Sukhija, 19, studying fashion media communication, waits for an auto rickshaw outside a metro station in Gurgaon on the outskirts of New Delhi January 16, 2013. Aanchal said that whenever she hires an auto rickshaw she has to send a short message to her father giving details of the auto in order to feel secure. ''Government claims that the girl would be safer if she doesn't step out after 7 P. M., but one question which still remains unanswered (for me) would be - how safe am I even under the brightly lit sky? For how long sending a series of texts including the drivers name and the vehicle registration number to my father after hiring an auto rickshaw would give me the sense of security?''. Since a medical student died after being gang raped on a bus in New Delhi, the issue of women's security in India has been under the spotlight. REUTERS/Mansi Thapliyal