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SpaceX raps ULA bid to get U.S. waiver for Russian engines


WASHINGTON - Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, has slammed a bid by United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing Co, to get a waiver from a U.S. ban on Russian rocket engines for military use.

Experts caution on study citing method to predict sexual orientation

- U.S. researchers on Thursday said they had found a way to predict male sexual orientation based on molecular markers that control DNA function, but genetics experts warned that the research has important limitations and will not provide definitive answers to a potential biological basis for sexual preference.

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Ancient Ethiopian man's genome illuminates ancestry of Africans

WASHINGTON - DNA extracted from the skull of a man buried 4,500 years ago in an Ethiopian cave is providing new clarity on the ancestry of modern Africans as well as shedding light on an influx of people from the ancient Middle East into the Horn of Africa.

1:24am IST

NASA Mars rover finds clear evidence for ancient, long-lived lakes

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Three years after landing in a giant Martian crater, NASA's Curiosity rover has found what scientists call proof that the basin had repeatedly filled with water, bolstering chances for life on Mars, a study published on Thursday showed.

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Atlas rocket blasts off with U.S. spy satellite and 13 mini: satellites

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - An unmanned Atlas 5 rocket blasted off from California on Thursday to put a classified spy satellite and 13 tiny experimental spacecraft into orbit for the U.S. government. | Video

08 Oct 2015

Nobel discoveries on DNA repair now fueling cancer drug research

CHICAGO - Cancer researchers are just beginning to understand the ramifications of the fundamental discoveries behind the 2015 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, which were awarded on Wednesday to three scientists for explaining how cells repair mistakes in DNA that occur when cells divide. | Video

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DNA research deployed in war on cancer scoops Nobel prize

Three scientists from Sweden, the United States and Turkey won the 2015 Nobel Prize for Chemistry on Wednesday for working out how cells repair damaged DNA, providing new ammunition in the war on cancer. | Video

08 Oct 2015

Brain trauma widespread among high school football players, researchers say

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Football is a dangerous sport. Even with the best protective gear, sprained knees, pulled muscles and an occasional broken bone are part of the game. But seven years of research into the impact of head trauma in high school players points to new dangers that parents will find extremely alarming.  | Video

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El Niño brings welcome rains to Chile's farmers, ski resorts

SANTIAGO - After eight years of drought which left fields parched and ski resorts dry, a burst of wet weather, likely triggered by the El Niño phenomenon, has been welcomed in central Chile.

Environment, Environment 08 Oct 2015

Ruffling the feathers: scientists formulate bird family tree

WASHINGTON - They come in many shapes, sizes and hues, from Cuba's tiny bee hummingbird to the flightless ostrich of Africa's plains, Antarctica's emperor penguin and the Southern Ocean's majestic wandering albatross.

07 Oct 2015