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Defence minister rejected as Taliban battle near Kabul

KABUL - Afghanistan's parliament rejected a second nominee for defence minister on Saturday, leaving a vacuum that has already lasted nine months, while government forces battled the Taliban just 30 miles west of the capital Kabul.

Afghanistan targets U.S. defence contractors in row over back taxes

KABUL - Afghanistan is threatening to crack down on U.S. defence contractors it says owe hundreds of millions of dollars in back taxes, including by freezing their bank accounts and refusing to renew yearly business licences when they expire.

Top News, World, 03 Jul 2015

Pakistan police arrest cleric who led mob attacking Christians

LAHORE, Pakistan - Pakistani police said on Friday they had arrested a Muslim cleric accused of leading a mob trying to kill a Christian couple for allegedly desecrating the Koran.

World, 03 Jul 2015

Sabotage suspected as Pakistan troop train plunges into canal, killing 12

LAHORE, Pakistan/ISLAMABAD - A train carrying hundreds of Pakistan military personnel and their families plunged into a canal on Thursday, killing 12 soldiers, when a bridge collapsed in what the army suspects was sabotage, officials said. | Video

World, 02 Jul 2015

India's push to save its cows starves Bangladesh of beef

Ghojadanga, India/Dhaka - Some 30,000 Indian soldiers guarding the border with Bangladesh have a new mandate under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government this year - stop cattle from crossing illegally into the Muslim-majority neighbour.

Business, Top News 03 Jul 2015

Afghan court commutes death sentences in woman's mob killing

KABUL - An appeals court in Afghanistan's capital has set aside death sentences for four men convicted in the mob killing of a woman accused of burning a Koran, media and a judge said Thursday.

World 02 Jul 2015

Afghan 'hero soldier' of parliament attack arrested in traffic death

KABUL - An Afghan soldier hailed as a hero for defending parliament from a Taliban assault has been arrested after a fatal traffic accident in Kabul involving a car he had been given as a reward, the Ministry of Interior said on Thursday.

World, 03 Jul 2015

Afghan special forces raid medical aid group MSF's hospital

KUNDUZ - Afghan special forces raided a hospital run by medical aid group Médecins Sans Frontières in northern Afghanistan, in search of a suspected Al Qaeda operative being treated there, a commander of the elite force said on Thursday.

World, 02 Jul 2015

Bangladesh arrests 12 suspected al Qaeda militants, weapons found

DHAKA - Bangladesh security forces have arrested 12 suspected militants, including the chief of the al Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), which claimed responsibility for two killings this year of bloggers critical of religious extremism.

Top News, World, 02 Jul 2015

In emails, Hillary's outside advisers pushed hawkish Afghan line

WASHINGTON - In the fall of 2009, as U.S. President Barack Obama conducted a long, divisive review of whether to pour more U.S. troops into Afghanistan, an influential group of advisors were quietly pushing a hawkish line.

World 02 Jul 2015

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