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Opposition leader Khan opens talks with Pakistan gov't over protests


ISLAMABAD - Opposition leader Imran Khan opened negotiations Wednesday with the Pakistani government, a lawmaker from his party said, in an effort to end protests against the prime minister and overcome a political impasse.

Pakistan cleric's supporters attempt to blockade parliament, but MPs escape

ISLAMABAD - Thousands of Pakistani protesters tried to blockade parliament on Wednesday after an anti-government cleric told them not to allow anyone in or out, with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inside at the time, but the lawmakers left by a back entrance.

Top News, 20 Aug 2014

Feature: Amid Afghanistan's escalating war, a battle to beat polio

KABUL - Tens of thousands of volunteers fanned out across Afghanistan this week, braving deteriorating security and distrusting parents to administer two chilled drops of the oral polio vaccine each to millions of children.

21 Aug 2014

Afghanistan gives NYT reporter 24 hours to leave country

KABUL - Afghanistan has given a New York Times reporter 24 hours to leave the country, accusing him of not cooperating with an investigation into his reporting, the Attorney General's office said on Wednesday.

World, 21 Aug 2014

ICRC says seized aid workers in western Afghanistan freed

ZURICH - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said five Afghan staff members kidnapped last week in the country's western province of Herat were released unharmed on Wednesday.

20 Aug 2014

Pakistan's Supreme Court summons Khan and Qadri

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered opposition leader Imran Khan and cleric Tahir ul-Qadri to appear in court the following day over protests in the capital designed to force the prime minister's resignation.

Top News, 20 Aug 2014

Afghan government bans NYT reporter from leaving country

KABUL - The Afghan attorney general's office has barred a New York Times reporter from leaving the country after the paper ran a story about ministry and palace officials discussing plans to form an interim government if an election deadlock continues.

World 20 Aug 2014

Pakistani protesters reach parliament as police look on

ISLAMABAD - Thousands of protesters marched to the Pakistani parliament on Tuesday as part of a bid to force the prime minister to resign, using a crane and bolt cutters to force their way past barricades of shipping containers in the capital Islamabad.

Top News, World 20 Aug 2014

Pakistan crisis puts army back in the driving seat

ISLAMABAD - Besieged Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been assured by the country's military there will be no coup, but in return he must "share space with the army", according to a government source who was privy to recent talks between the two sides.

World 20 Aug 2014

Hundreds of Taliban fighters battle Afghan forces near Kabul - officials

LOGAR Afghanistan - As many as 700 heavily armed Taliban insurgents are battling Afghan security forces in Logar, a key province near the capital Kabul, local officials said on Tuesday, in a test of the Afghan military's strength as foreign forces pull out of the country.

World, 19 Aug 2014

India-Pakistan border flare-up a zero-sum game

At places along the Line of Control (LoC), barely a wire separates the Indian soldier and his Pakistani counterpart. The genesis of the recent flare-up was the killing of five Indian soldiers on the Indian side of the LoC. The media blitz in Delhi found more fodder with a spike in infiltration attempts and exchange of fire beyond the LoC at posts across the international border.

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