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Arrest warrant issued for former Pakistani prime minister


KARACHI - A Pakistani anti-corruption court on Thursday issued an arrest warrant for former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, in a case alleging millions of dollars of graft in a trade development scheme, a security official said.

Afghan forces, with NATO help, attack resurgent Taliban

LASHKAR GAH - Soldiers from the U.S.-led NATO coalition have joined an Afghan army campaign to try to stop a Taliban advance in Helmand province that has undermined hopes of a negotiated peace.

Top News, World, 27 Aug 2015

U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan, Taliban grab district

LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan - Taliban fighters seized a district headquarters in Afghanistan's Helmand province on Monday despite repeated U.S. air strikes to repel them, adding to the insurgents' recent advances in a heavily fought over region of opium farms and trade routes.

World, Top News 27 Aug 2015

Pakistan arrests opposition politician close to Zardari

KARACHI, Pakistan - Pakistani authorities arrested a prominent opposition politician close to the former president, his party said on Wednesday, the first detention of a major Pakistan People's Party figure in an ongoing military-driven crackdown in the port city of Karachi.

World, 26 Aug 2015

India, Pakistan border security chiefs to meet after peace talks collapsed

ISLAMABAD - India and Pakistan border security force chiefs will meet in New Delhi next month, Pakistani officials said on Wednesday, days after the first high-level peace talks in years between the arch rivals collapsed.

Top News, 26 Aug 2015

U.S. sees new chance for Sri Lanka reconciliation after civil war

COLOMBO - The United States said on Wednesday it saw a new opportunity for reconciliation in Sri Lanka and a coming to terms with the legacy of 26 years of civil war.

World, 26 Aug 2015

Pakistan suspends execution ordered by military court after legal challenge

PESHAWAR, Pakistan - The execution of a civilian sentenced to death on terrorism charges by a military court in Pakistan was suspended on Tuesday, in a first challenge after the Supreme Court's approval of such hearings.

Top News, 25 Aug 2015

Modi urges calm in Nepal after deadly protests

KATHMANDU - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for calm in neighbouring Nepal on Monday, a day after at least nine people were killed during protests against a proposed new constitution.

Top News, World, 25 Aug 2015

Japan finger frostbite victim exposes Nepali desperation to revive Everest climbs

KATHMANDU - A Japanese man has become the unlikely face of Nepal's desperate efforts to revive its climbing industry, seeking to conquer Everest alone for the first time since 18 people were killed in April - and since he lost all his fingertips to frostbite. | Video

Top News, Japan, World 25 Aug 2015

NATO helps Afghans fight to prevent Taliban taking Helmand opium town

LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan - NATO forces are back helping Afghan troops repel Taliban insurgents from the strategic opium-growing town of Musa Qala in Helmand province, where in 2007 British and U.S. soldiers waged one of the emblematic battles of the war.

World, Top News, 25 Aug 2015

Cricket: Team India needs a long rope

The fact that the young Indian team recovered quickly from a humiliating defeat and scripted a victory in the next test match will forge greater self-belief in them. At the highest level, sport is a lot about self-belief. What the team has successfully managed to achieve is to quickly extricate itself from all the negativity of a defeat, regroup and then outplayed the opposition.

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