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Taliban stop cars, kill passengers in central Afghanistan

KABUL - Taliban insurgents intercepted two minibuses travelling through central Afghanistan and killed at least 14 passengers overnight, officials said on Friday.

Australia to ship Tamil asylum seekers to its mainland

SYDNEY - Australia will transfer 157 Tamil asylum seekers it has been holding at sea for nearly a month to a mainland detention centre, the immigration minister said on Friday, in an apparent setback for the government's policies.

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Afghan vote recount moves at snail's pace, rival sides far apart

KABUL - The dusty ballot box from the disputed Afghan presidential election was supposed to contain 550 votes. When auditors cut the seal they found barely 30 votes inside.

World 24 Jul 2014

China plans railway to India, Nepal borders by 2020

BEIJING - China plans to extend a railway line linking Tibet with the rest of the country to the borders of India, Nepal and Bhutan by 2020 once an extension to a key site in Tibetan Buddhism opens, a state-run newspaper reported on Thursday.

Top News, World 24 Jul 2014

Two Finnish aid workers killed in western Afghanistan

KABUL/HELSINKI - Two Finnish aid workers with an international Christian organisation were shot dead on Thursday in Afghanistan's western city of Herat, officials said.

World, 24 Jul 2014

Pakistan officials say al Qaeda trainer, not Taliban militant, arrested

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan security officials said on Thursday they had arrested a top militant near the Afghan border but not a Pakistani Taliban leader who colleagues had identified last week as a man who once tried to blow up former president Pervez Musharraf.

World, 24 Jul 2014

Two foreign aid workers killed in western Afghanistan

KABUL - Two foreign aid workers with an international Christian organisation were shot dead on Thursday in Afghanistan's western city of Herat, a regional official said.

24 Jul 2014

India bids to reassert influence in Nepal with power pact

NEW DELHI/KATHMANDU - India is set to offer Nepal a landmark pact to help develop its huge hydro-electric power potential as the South Asian giant takes another step to re-assert influence among smaller neighbours where China has been forging closer ties.

Top News, 24 Jul 2014

Tamil girl accuses naval personnel of rape, Sri Lanka police say

COLOMBO - An 11-year-old Tamil girl has accused Sri Lankan naval personnel of rape, police said on Monday.

22 Jul 2014

Pakistan military says 28 militants killed in airstrikes

BANNU Pakistan - The Pakistani military said it killed 28 local and foreign militants in air strikes in the volatile northwest of the country on Sunday, as evidence emerged that civilians had died in previous strikes.

21 Jul 2014

India-Pakistan border flare-up a zero-sum game

At places along the Line of Control (LoC), barely a wire separates the Indian soldier and his Pakistani counterpart. The genesis of the recent flare-up was the killing of five Indian soldiers on the Indian side of the LoC. The media blitz in Delhi found more fodder with a spike in infiltration attempts and exchange of fire beyond the LoC at posts across the international border.

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