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Sri Lanka seeks international help after deadly flooding, landslides


COLOMBO The number of people known to have been killed in floods and landslides in Sri Lanka rose to 122, officials said on Saturday, as the country appealed for international assistance. | Video

Pakistan reopens Afghanistan border crossing after deadly clash

KABUL Pakistan reopened a major border crossing with Afghanistan on Saturday, officials said, more than three weeks after several people were killed when troops from both sides exchanged fire for hours.

Top News, World, 27 May 2017

Pakistan says Iranian mortar attack kills civilian

QUETTA, Pakistan Iranian mortar fire on Saturday killed a Pakistani civilian in the western Baluchistan province that shares a long border with Iran, a regional Pakistani official said.

Top News, World, 27 May 2017

Sri Lanka landslides, floods death toll rises to 91; over 100 missing

COLOMBO Floods and landslides in Sri Lanka have killed at least 91 people while more than 100 are missing after torrential rain, officials said on Friday, as soldiers fanned out in boats and in helicopters to help with rescue operations.

Top News, World 26 May 2017

Dozens dead in Afghanistan violence as Ramadan begins

KABUL A suspected suicide bomber killed as many as 14 people in Afghanistan on Saturday and fighting between militants and security forces left at least 36 people dead on the first day of Islam's holy Month of Ramadan.

Top News, World, 27 May 2017

Vietnam's spirit mediums revive once forbidden ritual

HANOI Dressed in the bright silk garments of a woman and dancing with candles between his fingers, Nguyen Duy Nam leads a temple of worshippers in a ceremony honouring mystical goddesses of forest, water and heaven.

World 26 May 2017

China vows maximum effort to recover kidnapped citizens in Pakistan

BEIJING China said on Thursday it will do all it can to ensure the safe return of two citizens kidnapped in Pakistan and it promised new measures to protect Chinese people and companies working in the country, an important link on its Silk Road infrastructure plan.

Top News, World, 25 May 2017

Nepal says bodies of four Everest climbers not from this year's climbing season

KATHMANDU Nepal said on Thursday that four bodies found in tents at the highest camp on Mount Everest were not of mountaineers from this year's climbing season.

World, 25 May 2017

As Taliban gain and U.S. weighs troop hike, a widow's plea to 'finish the job'

WASHINGTON On a cold morning in January, Alexandra McClintock shoved her bare hands into the pockets of her black jacket and gazed at the endless rows of graves in Arlington National Cemetery, just across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. | Video

World, Top News 25 May 2017

Use of air power in Afghanistan up sharply as Trump troop decision looms

KABUL U.S. warplanes dropped more weapons on Afghanistan in April than in any other single month since 2012, according to new statistics, as military officials press U.S. President Donald Trump to send thousands more troops to the country.

World, 24 May 2017

Movie Review: Sachin - A Billion Dreams

In an early scene in James Erskine’s docu-drama, Sachin Tendulkar’s mother recounts an incident involving a frog in a tiffin box. It is an anecdote that brings a smile to your face and one of the few moments that gives you a sense of intimacy in what is otherwise a sanitised hagiography.

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