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U.S. challenged by rising North Korea tensions, Russia urges calm

UNITED NATIONS Russia urged "hot heads" to calm down on Friday as the United States admitted it felt "challenged" by North Korea's warning that it could test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific and President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un traded more insults. | Video

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Despite undiplomatic discourse, Trump's dance card is full

UNITED NATIONS A subtle diplomat like Talleyrand, Donald Trump is not.

1:33am IST

Despite tensions, U.S. sees value in New START treaty with Russia

WASHINGTON The United States sees value in the New START arms control treaty with Russia, despite Washington's concerns about Moscow's track record on arms control and other issues, senior U.S. officials said on Friday.

Budget 2017, Business, 8:51am IST

Bangladesh grants bail to two detained Myanmar journalists

DHAKA Two journalists from Myanmar, who had been detained in Bangladesh while reporting on the influx of thousands of Rohingya Muslims, have been released on bail, a police official said on Saturday.

South Asia, 12:58pm IST

New Zealand polls close after nail-biting race, record numbers vote in advance

WELLINGTON New Zealanders went to the polls on Saturday after the most hotly contested race in recent history, with changes to the country's openness to migration and trade and the central bank's approach to monetary policy among the possible outcomes.

12:32pm IST

China follows U.N. sanctions with bans, limits on fuel products to North Korea

SHANGHAI China said on Saturday it will ban exports of some petroleum products to North Korea, as well as imports of textiles from the isolated North, in line with a United Nations Security Council resolution passed after Pyongyang's latest nuclear test.

10:36am IST

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