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With climate at 'breaking point', leaders urge breakthrough in Paris

PARIS World leaders launched an ambitious attempt on Monday to hold back rising temperatures, with the United States and China leading calls for the climate summit in Paris to mark a decisive turn in the fight against global warming. | Video

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Southeast Asia urged to halt repeat of "boat people" tragedy

BANGKOK Southeast Asian countries were urged on Tuesday to treat migrants landing on their shores humanely and avoid a repeat of this year's disaster in which hundreds of refugees were either lost at sea or died in jungle camps.

1:24pm IST

North Korean ghost boats, in deadly hunt for fish, wash up in Japan

SEOUL/TOKYO Fishing boats carrying decomposed corpses have washed ashore in Japan in recent weeks, leading to speculation they are rickety North Korean vessels that have strayed dangerously far from port under the impoverished nation's push to boost its catch.

Japan 5:50pm IST

Indonesia says faulty component, crew response contributed to AirAsia crash

JAKARTA Chronic problems with a faulty rudder system and the way pilots tried to respond were major factors in the crash of an Indonesian AirAsia jet last year that killed all 162 people on board, investigators said on Tuesday.

6:10pm IST

Afghan president eyes improved ties with Pakistan, Taliban talks

KABUL Afghanistan is hoping to improve its rocky relations with neighbouring Pakistan over the next few months as a prelude to a possible return to stalled peace talks with Taliban insurgents, President Ashraf Ghani told a French television station.

5:48pm IST

Two Pakistani soldiers killed in rare targeted Karachi attack

KARACHI, Pakistan Gunmen killed two Pakistani soldiers in the southern city of Karachi on Tuesday, the military said, a rare attack on the powerful army that could indicate the beginning of a push-back against a tightening crackdown on violence.

South Asia, 6:11pm IST

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