Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Apple CEO Steve Jobs holds Apple's new Macbook Air notebook computer as he delivers his keynote address during the Macworld Convention and Expo in San Francisco January 15, 2008.     REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

World remembers tech visionary Jobs

Passionate, prickly, and deemed irreplaceable by many Apple fans and investors, Steve Jobs made a life defying conventions and expectations. His death prompted a global gasp as people remembered how much he had done to transform the worlds of computing, music and mobile phones.   Full Article | Slideshow 

Apple strikes a new chord in the future of music

SAN FRANCISCO/LOS ANGELES - More than a decade ago, the late Steve Jobs pulled one of his trademark reality distorting maneuvers, browbeating music label executives into selling songs on Apple Inc's then-nascent iTunes digital store for a mere 99 cents apiece.

Top News, Tech, Business, 18 May 2014

Beats co-founder Iovine could be key Apple deal ingredient

REUTERS - When music producer Jimmy Iovine pitched his friend Steve Jobs on a streaming music service in 2003, the Apple founder was unconvinced.

Tech, 10 May 2014

Tech workers seek to use Steve Jobs evidence in upcoming trial on no-hire accords

SAN FRANCISCO - Four large technology companies should not be allowed to limit evidence about Apple Inc co-founder Steve Jobs at an upcoming trial over no-hire agreements in Silicon Valley, according to a court document filed late on Thursday by employees suing the firms.

Tech, 18 Apr 2014

Keep Steve Jobs' personality out of trial - tech companies

SAN FRANCISCO - Witnesses at an upcoming trial over no-hire agreements in Silicon Valley should not be allowed to offer evidence that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was "a bully," four major tech companies argued in a court filing.

Tech, 16 Apr 2014

INSIGHT - Apple and Samsung, frenemies for life

SAN FRANCISCO/SEOUL - It was the late Steve Jobs' worst nightmare.

Top News, Tech, Business, 10 Feb 2013

How about Hightail-ing it?

Silicon Valley startup YouSendIt. which began as a file sharing and storage company, is getting a corporate makeover. YouSendIt comes off, and Hightail gets papered on.