Iraqi foreign minister blames Maliki for Islamist insurgency


BAGHDAD - Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his security officials are to blame for the rise of Sunni Muslim insurgents who have seized parts of Iraq, the country's foreign minister said.

Islamic State imposes media controls in Syrian province

BEIRUT - Islamic State, the al Qaeda splinter group which has seized parts of Syria and Iraq, has told activists in Syria's Deir al-Zor province they must swear allegiance to it and submit to censorship, a monitoring group said on Friday.

World, Syria, 01 Aug 2014

Hezbollah commander killed in Iraq - sources

BEIRUT - A Hezbollah commander has died during a mission in Iraq, sources familiar with the incident said on Wednesday, indicating the Lebanese group that is already fighting in Syria's civil war may be involved in a second conflict in the region.

World, Syria, 31 Jul 2014

Shi'ite militia hangs up 15 executed Sunnis in Iraqi square

BAGHDAD - Iraqi Shi'ite militia forces executed 15 Sunni Muslims and then hung them from electricity poles in a public square in the town of Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, on Wednesday, police said.

World, 30 Jul 2014

Islamic State video wages psychological war on Iraqi soldiers

BAGHDAD - Islamic State, the al Qaeda spin-off that seized wide swathes of Iraq almost unopposed last month, has released a video warning Iraqi soldiers who may still have some fight in them that they risk being rounded up en masse and executed.

World, 29 Jul 2014

Baghdad police find 15 dead in bloody start to Muslim holiday

BAGHDAD - Iraqi police found 15 corpses on Monday, including three women shot in the head, in a bloody start to the holiday ending the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, security sources said.

World, 28 Jul 2014

After Iraqi army crumbles, Maliki turns to state TV for help

BAGHDAD - State television is working overtime to persuade Iraqis to help Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki confront an al Qaeda offshoot that has seized wide tracts of the country, but its unifying call has been blunted by his sectarian reputation.

World, 28 Jul 2014

China says may have citizens fighting in Iraq

BEIJING - Muslim extremists from China's far western region of Xinjiang have gone to the Middle East for training and some may have crossed into Iraq to participate in the upsurge of violence there, China's special envoy for the Middle East said on Monday.

World, 28 Jul 2014

Iraq's top cleric sends subtle message to Maliki: step aside

BAGHDAD - Iraq's most influential Shi'ite cleric urged political leaders on Friday to refrain from clinging to their posts - an apparent reference to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who has defied demands that he step aside.

Top News, World, 26 Jul 2014

Iraq elects president as Ban urges unity to save nation

BAGHDAD - Iraq's parliament elected a senior Kurdish lawmaker president on Thursday, a significant step in a delayed process to create a government capable of uniting the country and countering insurgents threatening to march on Baghdad.

Top News, World, 25 Jul 2014