Fear for civilians as IS halts Iraqi army at gates of Falluja


CAMP TARIQ, Iraq Islamic State fighters halted an Iraqi army assault on the city of Falluja with a counter-attack at its southern gates on Tuesday, while the United Nations warned of peril for civilians trapped in the city and used by militants as human shields. | Video

Islamic State said to use hundreds as human shields in Falluja - U.N.

GENEVA Islamic State forces are reported to be holding several hundred families as "human shields" in the Iraqi city of Falluja while government forces close in, the United Nations refugee agency said on Tuesday, citing witness accounts.

World, 31 May 2016

In void left by Iraqi state, turf war partitions northern town

TUZ KHURMATO, Iraq In some places, the line dividing this town in northern Iraq takes the form of blast walls and barricades that bring its run-down streets to an abrupt end.

World, 31 May 2016

Iraqi army storms to edge of Islamic State-held Falluja; fresh bombings hit Baghdad

SOUTHERN OUTSKIRTS OF FALLUJA, Iraq The Iraqi army stormed to the southern edge of Falluja under U.S. air support on Monday and captured a police station inside the city limits, launching a direct assault to retake one of the main strongholds of Islamic State militants. | Video

World, 30 May 2016

U.S.-led coalition troops seen near front line in new Iraq offensive

HASSAN SHAMI, Iraq Servicemen from the U.S.-led coalition were seen near the front line of a new offensive in northern Iraq launched on Sunday by Kurdish peshmerga forces that aims to retake a handful of villages from Islamic State east of their Mosul stronghold.

World, Top News 29 May 2016

Iraqi Sunni politicians reject visit by Iran's Soleimani to Falluja

BAGHDAD Sunni politicians in Iraq condemned on Saturday a visit by Iranian General Qassem Soleimani to Shi'ite paramilitary forces fighting alongside the Iraqi army to drive Islamic State militants out of the Sunni city of Falluja.

World, 28 May 2016

Islamic State commander in Falluja killed, U.S. military says

WASHINGTON/BAGHDAD U.S.-led coalition strikes supporting Iraqi forces in the recapture of Falluja have killed 70 Islamic State militants including the group's commander in the city, a U.S military spokesman said on Friday.

World, 28 May 2016

Iraqis fleeing Mosul to Syria, up to 50,000 anticipated - UNHCR

GENEVA More than 4,200 Iraqis from Mosul fled to Syria in May, the United Nations refugee agency said on Friday, adding it is gearing up for up to 50,000 people to leave the Islamic State-held city and cross the border.

World, Syria, 27 May 2016

Falluja refugees report cases of starvation - Norway aid group

BAGHDAD Civilians who managed to flee besieged Falluja have reported cases of starvation in the Iraqi city that government forces are trying to recapture from Islamic State militants, the Norwegian Refugee Council said on Thursday.

World, 26 May 2016

Iraq PM urges end to protests while army busy fighting Islamic State

BAGHDAD Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi appealed on Thursday for an end to protests against his government while the armed forces are fighting to retake the city of Falluja from Islamic State (IS) insurgents.

World, 26 May 2016