Merkel against unilaterally recognising Palestine as a state


BERLIN - Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday rejected the idea of Germany recognising Palestine as a state unilaterally, saying the Palestinians and Israel could solve their long-running conflict only through negotiations.

Israel rejects EU states' appeal over razing militant homes

JERUSALEM - Israel has rejected an appeal by the five biggest members of the European Union not to raze the homes of Palestinians who carried out lethal attacks in Jerusalem, saying on Friday that the tactic was designed to deter further violence.

World, 21 Nov 2014

Israel says Hamas planned to assassinate Lieberman in West Bank

JERUSALEM - Israel has arrested four Palestinians suspected of planning to kill Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman with an anti-tank rocket while he drove to his Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, Israeli officials say.

World, 21 Nov 2014

Powerful U.S. pro-Israel lobby holds fire as Iran deadline looms

WASHINGTON - As the United States and other powers negotiate down to the wire on a nuclear deal with Iran, one voice has been unusually quiet - the main pro-Israel lobby in Washington.

World, 21 Nov 2014

Israel approves 78 new settler homes in East Jerusalem

JERUSALEM - Israel on Wednesday approved the construction of 78 new homes in two settlements on West Bank land annexed to Jerusalem, likely to aggravate Palestinian anger at a time when violence has flared, including a deadly attack on a synagogue.

World, 20 Nov 2014

Israel blows up home of Palestinian who rammed car at Jerusalem tram stop

JERUSALEM - Israel on Wednesday destroyed the home of a Palestinian who last month ran over and killed two people at a Jerusalem tram stop, a day after two militants killed four rabbis and a policeman at a synagogue in the city.

World, 19 Nov 2014

Under Modi, Israel and India forge deeper business ties

TEL AVIV - At the U.N. General Assembly in New York last September, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set aside time for a critical meeting. But it wasn't President Barack Obama he was keen to see. It was Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Top News, Business 19 Nov 2014

Thousands mourn U.S.-Israeli rabbi killed in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM - Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews swayed in prayer at the funeral of U.S.-Israeli rabbi Moshe Twersky, a descendant of two rabbinical dynasties who was killed on Tuesday alongside three other rabbis in a Palestinian attack on a synagogue.

World, 18 Nov 2014

Palestinian driver found hanged in Jerusalem bus

JERUSALEM - A Palestinian bus driver was found hanged in his vehicle on Monday, an incident that led to stone-throwing protests by Palestinians suspecting foul play but which Israeli police, citing autopsy results, termed a suicide.

World, 18 Nov 2014

Israel, Palestinians agree to steps to calm Jerusalem tensions, Kerry says

AMMAN - Israel and the Palestinians have pledged to take concrete steps to calm tensions around Jerusalem's holiest site, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday after talks in the Jordanian capital.

World, 14 Nov 2014