Opera browser "unstoppable" in India, heading for 100 mln users – CEO


OSLO Norway's Opera Software now targets 100 million Indian users for its mobile phone internet browser, after hitting the 50 million mark last month, Chief Executive Lars Boilesen told Reuters on Friday.

Robot "dolphins" give clues to Antarctic melt in data revolution

OSLO Dolphin-sized robots are giving clues to a thaw of Antarctica's ice in a sign of how technology is revolutionising data collection in remote polar regions, scientists said on Monday.

World, 10 Nov 2014

Mouse hunt delays Norwegian flight to New York

OSLO Norwegian Air Shuttle, already plagued by costly flight delays on its long-haul routes, was forced to delay a flight to New York by five hours on Tuesday because of a hunt for a mouse in the cockpit.

World, 29 Oct 2014

Canada supplies small amounts of Ebola treatment to Spain, Norway

WINNIPEG Manitoba Canada has supplied small amounts of an experimental Ebola treatment to Spain and Norway to treat infected healthcare workers, the Public Health Agency of Canada said on Wednesday.

World, Spain 15 Oct 2014

Nobel medicine laureate May-Britt Moser almost did not take the call

OSLO Norwegian scientist May-Britt Moser danced and drank champagne after winning the Nobel Prize for medicine on Monday together with her husband Edvard Moser and British-American scientist John O'Keefe.

World, 06 Oct 2014

Norway will fly its first Ebola patient back from Sierra Leone

OSLO A Norwegian working for Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone was infected with Ebola virus and will be brought home for the treatment, the organisation said on Monday.

World, 06 Oct 2014

Nobel Prize for medicine goes to discoverers of brain’s internal GPS

STOCKHOLM Anglo-American John O'Keefe and Norwegian couple May-Britt and Edvard Moser won the 2014 Nobel Prize for medicine on Monday for discovering the brain's internal positioning system, helping humans find their way and giving clues to how strokes and Alzheimer's affect the brain.

Top News, World, 06 Oct 2014