Missing journalists held captive by Colombia's ELN rebels - government

BOGOTA The Colombian Marxist rebel group, the National Liberation Army, has kidnapped three journalists, including one from Spain, who disappeared in recent days near the border with Venezuela, government officials said on Thursday.

Two Colombian journalists missing after Spanish reporter vanishes

BOGOTA Two journalists have gone missing in Colombia's northeast conflict zone while covering the disappearance of a Spanish reporter feared kidnapped this weekend, the government said on Tuesday.

World, 25 May 2016

Spanish journalist feared kidnapped by Colombian rebels

BOGOTA A Spanish journalist working in Colombia for almost two decades has disappeared while reporting a story on the illegal drugs industry and is feared kidnapped by Marxist rebels operating in the area, military sources said on Sunday.

World, 23 May 2016

Journalists held in Syria for 10 months return to Spain

MADRID Three Spanish freelance journalists who were kidnapped in Syria last year arrived in Madrid on Sunday in apparent good health after nearly 10 months in captivity.

World, Syria, 08 May 2016

Three Spanish journalists kidnapped in Syria freed

MADRID Three Spanish freelance journalists who went missing in Syria last year and were believed to have been kidnapped have been released, the Spanish government said on Saturday.

World, Syria, 08 May 2016

Podemos seen losing support ahead of Spanish election

MADRID Spain's anti-austerity party Podemos is seen losing support ahead of a general election repeat on June 26, a closely watched official survey showed on Friday, although the vote will remain highly fragmented and likely result in a new hung parliament.

World, 06 May 2016

Spain issues warrants for Russian officials alleged to be linked to crime gang

MADRID A Spanish judge has issued arrest warrants for 12 Russians, including some senior officials, who are alleged to be linked to one of Russia's largest criminal syndicates that operated out of Spain, a court document seen by Reuters showed.

World, 03 May 2016

Spain gears up for repeat election on June 26

MADRID Spain's King Felipe dissolved parliament on Tuesday and called a new national election for June 26 after a vote in December left such a fractured political landscape that no government could be formed.

World, 03 May 2016

Spain's election re-run would fail to break deadlock - poll

MADRID A new election due to be held in Spain on June 26 is unlikely to break the political stalemate to form a government after a previous vote in December produced the most fragmented result in decades, a poll showed on Sunday.

World, 01 May 2016

Ferrovial says won't run Australia offshore detention centres in future

Melbourne Spain's Ferrovial said it won't offer in future the service of running Australia's controversial offshore detention centres for refugees and asylum seekers, after buying a controlling stake in the Australian firm that operates the centres.

World, 30 Apr 2016

Euro zone hails "breakthrough" with Greece, IMF debt deal

BRUSSELS Greece won its firmest offer yet of debt relief in what euro zone finance ministers called a breakthrough deal, bridging big differences between the IMF, which sought an immediate debt cut, and Germany, which argued that restructuring isn't needed.