Special Report - EU funds help Poland build 'ghost' airports


LODZ, Poland - The European Union has given Poland more than 100 million euros (79 million pounds) to build at least three "ghost" airports in places where there are not enough passengers to keep them in business.

Spain's political newcomer Podemos slips in opinion poll

MADRID - Spain's newest political party Podemos lost its lead to the opposition Socialists in a major opinion poll published on Sunday, with the ruling People's Party (PP) continuing to lag both.

World, 08 Dec 2014

Duchess of Alba, the world's most titled aristocrat, dies

MADRID - Spain's 18th Duchess of Alba, who died on Thursday aged 88, was one of Europe's wealthiest and most titled aristocrats, the owner of fabulous palaces and priceless works of art.

World, 20 Nov 2014

G20's new growth plans suspiciously long in the tooth

SYDNEY - As leaders of the world's 20 most powerful nations congratulate themselves on plans to boost economic growth, a closer look at their 800-plus policy proposals reveals a catalogue of measures that are either old, vague or unlikely to be implemented.

Top News, Business, 18 Nov 2014

Spain urges Catalonia to seek constitution reform, not independence

MADRID - Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Wednesday urged Catalonia to seek a constitutional reform to resolve its political problems with Madrid but he ruled out talks on a possible referendum on independence.

World, 12 Nov 2014

Factbox: How Ebola spreads and started

REUTERS - West Africa is struggling with the worst Ebola outbreak on record that has killed at least 4,950 people. Two nurses in the United States and one nurse in Spain have contracted Ebola outside of Africa but survived.

Top News, World, 12 Nov 2014

Spain's Catalans vote to secede in symbolic ballot, but turnout low

BARCELONA - Close to two million Catalans voted on Sunday in favour of seceding from Spain, the regional government said, in a symbolic referendum that supporters hope will fuel the independence debate despite opposition from Madrid.

World, 10 Nov 2014

Catalan independence hopes high in symbolic vote on split from Spain

BARCELONA - Hundreds of thousands of Catalans voted on Sunday in a symbolic referendum on independence from Spain that supporters hope will propel the issue further despite opposition from Madrid.

World, 09 Nov 2014

Spanish court upholds charges of tax fraud against Princess Cristina

MADRID - A Spanish court said on Friday it would uphold charges of tax fraud against Cristina de Borbon, 49, sister of King Felipe VI, in a graft probe which along with other high-profile corruption cases has eroded Spaniards' faith in their institutions.

World, 07 Nov 2014

Spain says will seek to block watered-down Catalan vote on independence

MADRID - Spain will seek to block in the courts a watered-down version of a Catalan vote on independence planned for Nov. 9 in the same way it stopped a non-binding referendum, Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said on Friday.

Top News, World, 31 Oct 2014

Franc falls as Swiss go sub-zero; stocks jump after Fed

LONDON - The Swiss franc tumbled on Thursday as its central bank slapped a charge on deposits, wary of a flood of money exiting Russia and the likely pressure from the euro zone if the ECB starts full-scale money printing early next year.