Rajoy urges MPs to back his bid to end Spanish gridlock


MADRID Spain's acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy urged parliament on Wednesday to back his bid to form a minority government and end 10 months of political paralysis, offering to work with his opponents on major challenges like pension and education reform.

Spain reviewing refuelling permission for Russian warships

MADRID Spain is reviewing a request by a Russian flotilla to refuel in its North African enclave of Ceuta, the foreign ministry said, as NATO raised concerns that the warships headed for Syria could be used to target civilians in Aleppo.

World, Syria, 26 Oct 2016

Spain's Rajoy says will seek parliament's backing to form government

MADRID Parliament will begin debating on Wednesday whether to back acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's bid for a second term, raising the prospect that Spain could have a new government by the weekend after a 10-month deadlock.

World, 25 Oct 2016

Spain's Socialists will not approve new Rajoy-led government's budgets

MADRID Spain's Socialists will not approve any budgets proposed by an incoming centre-right government, the party's interim head said on Tuesday, highlighting how a policy deadlock could persist with a new administration.

World, 25 Oct 2016

Spain, data lead Europe higher after breakthrough for PM Rajoy

LONDON Stock markets rose on Monday, led in Europe by a surge for Spain's IBEX index on signs of an end to 10 months of political deadlock that has paralysed government in one of the countries worst-hit by the euro zone's debt crisis.

Business, 24 Oct 2016

A waste of money? Trump's border wall falling flat in Arizona - poll

NEW YORK Donald Trump rode to the top of the Republican ticket promising a "big, beautiful, powerful" border wall with Mexico to stop the flow of undocumented immigrants. Along that border, however, Americans are more likely to call the wall a "waste of money", according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll.

World, 23 Oct 2016

Spain's Socialists seen clearing the way for end to political deadlock

MADRID Spain's Socialists on Sunday were expected to clear the way for the conservative People's Party (PP) to be sworn in for a second term, ending a 10-month political deadlock that has paralysed institutions and threatened to derail an economic recovery.

World, 23 Oct 2016

Spanish court overturns Catalonian bull-fighting ban

MADRID Spain's Constitutional Court on Thursday overturned a ban on bull fighting imposed in Catalonia, calling it a cultural asset protected under national law in a ruling likely to fuel political tensions between the region and Madrid.

World, 20 Oct 2016

Spain's Socialists shift towards enabling new Rajoy government

MADRID Acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy moved a step closer to breaking Spain's 10-month political deadlock on Monday as a regional powerhouse of the main opposition party backed allowing him to form a new government by abstaining in a confidence vote.

World, 18 Oct 2016

British lawmaker likens Russia's behaviour in Syria to that of Nazis

LONDON A senior British lawmaker has accused Russia of targeting civilians in Syria in the same way the Nazis behaved at Guernica during the Spanish civil war of the 1930s.

World, Syria, 11 Oct 2016