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AGL Energy Ltd ceases to be substantial holder of Torrens Energy Limited

Torrens Energy Limited:Says AGL Energy Ltd corporate ceases to be a substantial share holder of the company.

9:02am IST

Tokyo Electric Power Co receives financial support from Nuclear Liability Facilitation Fund

Tokyo Electric Power Co Inc:Received 191.8 billion yen from the Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund on April 23, based on the revised Special Business Plan (Comprehensive Special Business Plan) approved on Jan. 15.

7:30am IST

Huadian Power International issues FY 2014 Q1 net profit outlook

Huadian Power International Corp Ltd:Sees net profit for the first quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2014 to increase about 45 pct to 50 pct.The net profit of the same period in FY 2013 was 812,748,000 yuan.Comments that decreased fuel cost as the main reason for the forecast.

5:30am IST

China Longyuan Power Group Corp Ltd completes issue of debt financing instruments

China Longyuan Power Group Corp Ltd:Completed its private issuance of debt financing instruments on April 21.Total issuance amount of debt financing instruments is 3 bln Yuan with maturity period of 6 months.Unit face value is 100 Yuan and issuing interest rate is 5.4 pct.

Tuesday, 22 Apr 2014


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