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Agabang&Company announces resignation of co-CEO

Agabang&Company:Lee Won Jae resigned from co-chief executive officer (co-CEO) in the company, effective Nov. 27.The company's the other co-CEO, Shin Dong Yil, will begin to serve as CEO.

1:22pm IST

Elumeo SE comments on FY 2015 outlook

Elumeo SE:FY 2015 as a whole, expects consolidated sales to be slightly above last year's figure of 70.8 million euros and a positive adjusted EBITDA; negative group result cannot be ruled out.FY 2015 revenue estimate 72.73 million euros - Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.FY 2015 net loss estimate 1.77...

12:02pm IST

SAKHA DIAMOND announces change of president

SAKHA DIAMOND Corp:Appointed Jiang Jie as new president of the company to succeed Yoshiaki Inoue who was appointed as vice president of the company.Effective Nov. 26.

Thursday, 26 Nov 2015

Liaoning Shidai Wanheng signs equity transfer agreement

Liaoning Shidai Wanheng Co Ltd:Signs equity transfer agreement with Wanheng Group in Dalian City on Nov. 24, to transfer 51 pct stake in a Dalian-based holiday village company, for 176,441,000 yuan.To hold 0 pct in the target company, after the transaction.

Wednesday, 25 Nov 2015

Jiangsu Hongdou Industry announces private placement

Jiangsu Hongdou Industry Co., Ltd:To issue up to 119,585,112 A shares of its common stock through private placement, at no less than 16.39 yuan per share.To raise up to 1,960 million yuan in total.Proceeds raised will be used for a project and working capital supplement.

Monday, 23 Nov 2015

Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion&Accessories amends private placement plan

Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion&Accessories Co Ltd:To issue up to 707,070,707 A shares instead of 1,086,956,522 shares, through private placement at price of no less than 5.94 yuan per share instead of 8.28 yuan per share.To raise 4.2 bln yuan in total, instead of 9 bln yuan.Plan disclosed on July 2.

Monday, 23 Nov 2015

Guirenniao to invest in Beijing-based company and to set up joint venture

Guirenniao Co Ltd:To inject capital of 135.2221 mln yuan in a Biejing-based sports management company and to hold 37 pct stake in it after investment.To set up a sports consulting joint venture in Beijing, with a magazine company, a Shanghai-based cultural communication company and a Beijing-based...

Saturday, 21 Nov 2015

Guirenniao announces private placement

Guirenniao Co Ltd:To issue up to 55.8416 mln A shares of its common stock through private placement, at no less than 30.11 yuan per share.To raise up to 1,681.3886 million yuan in total.Proceeds raised will be used for two projects and supplement of working capital.

Saturday, 21 Nov 2015

Youngor Group adjusts private placement plan

Youngor Group Co Ltd:Amends its private placement plan of issuing up to 292.75 mln shares at no less than 17.08 yuan per share through private placement, which was previously announced on June 11.New plan is to issue up to 331.57 mln new shares at no less than 15.08 yuan per share through private...

Saturday, 21 Nov 2015

Guangzhou CANUDILO Fashion & Accessories amends private placement plan

Guangzhou CANUDILO Fashion & Accessories Co Ltd:Amends private placement plan previously disclosed on June 9.To issue up to 60 mln shares through private placement.To raise up to 915 million yuan.Proceeds raised to invest in fashion buyers shop O2O project, stake acquisition, bank loan repayment.

Saturday, 21 Nov 2015


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