Cyber Crime

U.S. offers highest-ever reward for Russian hacker


WASHINGTON - The U.S. State Department and FBI on Tuesday announced a $3 million reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of Russian national Evgeniy Bogachev, the highest bounty U.S. authorities have ever offered in a cyber case.

U.S. State Dept. has yet to clear its computer network of hackers - WSJ

WASHINGTON - Three months after the U.S. State Department confirmed hackers breached its unclassified email system, the government has still not been able to evict them from the network, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing three people familiar with the investigation.

Tech, 20 Feb 2015

Options traders bet on growing U.S. demand for cyber security

NEW YORK - A barrage of damaging cyber attacks has shaken up the security industry, and traders in the options market are betting on cyber security companies benefiting from increased spending as governments and businesses boost security.

Tech, 20 Feb 2015

Obama urges execs to cooperate more against cyberattacks

SAN FRANCISCO - President Barack Obama asked U.S. executives on Friday for closer cooperation in defending against hackers after high-profile attacks on companies like Sony that exposed weaknesses in America's cyber defenses.

Tech, 14 Feb 2015

Experts warn 2015 could be 'Year of the Healthcare Hack'

NEW YORK/BOSTON - Security experts are warning healthcare and insurance companies that 2015 will be the "Year of the Healthcare Hack," as cybercriminals are increasingly attracted to troves of personal information held by U.S. insurers and hospitals that command high prices on the underground market.

Tech, 11 Feb 2015

Dutch government website outage caused by cyber attack

AMSTERDAM - Cyber attackers crippled the Dutch government's main websites for most of Tuesday and back-up plans proved ineffective, exposing the vulnerability of critical infrastructure at a time of heightened concern about online security.

Tech, 11 Feb 2015

Hackers infect to spy on visitors - researchers

BOSTON - The financial news site was infected by Chinese hackers with spying software that targeted specific visitors, including those at U.S. financial services and defense firms, according to two cybersecurity firms.

Tech, Business, 11 Feb 2015

'CyberCaliphate' hacks Newsweek Twitter account, threatens Obama

WASHINGTON - Hackers calling themselves "CyberCaliphate" threatened U.S. President Barack Obama and his family when they took control of Newsweek magazine's Twitter account on Tuesday with the words "Je suIS IS," a reference to Islamic State and the deadly attack at French newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

Tech, World, 11 Feb 2015

Automakers lag in protecting security, privacy of cars - Markey report

- The spread of technology connecting vehicles to the Internet is outpacing efforts by the auto industry and government to protect vehicles from hackers, and raising concerns about data privacy, according to a report by staff for U.S. Senator Ed Markey.

Tech, 09 Feb 2015

Beyond the breach: cyberattacks force a defence strategy re-think

SINGAPORE - A barrage of damaging cyberattacks is shaking up the security industry, with some businesses and organisations no longer assuming they can keep hackers at bay, and instead turning to waging a guerrilla war from within their networks.

Tech, 09 Feb 2015