On trip to U.S., Germany's Schaeuble warns against protectionism


WASHINGTON German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned on Saturday against increasing protectionism and urged countries to work together more closely as he visited the United States for meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

Interview: Eurogroup head outlines pragmatic view on 'euro zone budget'

WASHINGTON A euro zone budget of several hundred billion euros is an ambitious idea, the head of euro zone finance ministers said on Saturday, suggesting loans from the bailout fund and transfers from the existing European Union budget could be more feasible.

Global policymakers grapple with half-baked recovery short of wage growth

WASHINGTON International Monetary Fund members gave lukewarm endorsement to a strengthening global economy but conceded they were not out of the woods as they grappled with subdued inflation, low potential growth and an uneven recovery that clouded the outlook.

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Sales tax hike is 'obvious' choice for Japan debt woes - IMF

WASHINGTON Raising the sales tax is a "very obvious" choice for Japan to get its fiscal house in order, a senior IMF official said on Friday, shrugging off proposals by the country's opposition parties to freeze a hike scheduled for 2019.

IMF urges euro zone to use economic rebound to tackle problems

WASHINGTON The euro zone should use its "robust" economic rebound to tackle reforms that are politically difficult to push through, Poul Thomsen, the head of the International Monetary Fund's European Department, said on Friday.

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IMF supports ECB proposal to raise provisions on bad loans

WASHINGTON The International Monetary Fund strongly supports the European Central Bank's recent proposal to increase provision requirements for new non-performing loans, IMF European Department chief Poul Thomsen said on Friday.

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IMF calls for fiscal policies that tackle rising inequality

WASHINGTON Countries around the world are suffering the consequences of rising internal inequality and should seriously consider redistributing wealth through tax policies and transfers, the International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday.

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Global financial stability has improved, but risks ahead - IMF

WASHINGTON The global economic recovery has strengthened financial stability but easy monetary and financial conditions against a backdrop of sluggish inflation is elevating medium-term risks, the International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday.

Ukraine committed to IMF, expects one aid tranche in 2017: finance minister

LONDON Ukraine is committed to its aid programme with the International Monetary Fund and expects to receive a further tranche of funds by the end of 2017, Finance Minister Oleksandr Danylyuk told Reuters on Monday.

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Exclusive: Ukraine to propose new gas price formula to IMF as reforms stumble

KIEV Ukraine will make new pricing proposals to the IMF next week that would leave gas prices unchanged until July, a source close to the matter said on Friday, a move that suggests political rather than fiscal calculations are driving policy-making.

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