IMF's Lagarde says restructuring should suffice for Greek debt


ZURICH - A form of debt restructuring rather than outright forgiveness should enable Greece to handle its "unviable" debt burden, the head of the International Monetary Fund was quoted as telling a Swiss newspaper.

IMF official says "premature" to speak of Chinese crisis

RIMINI, Italy - China's economic slowdown and a sharp fall in its stock market herald not a crisis but a "necessary" adjustment for the world's second biggest economy, a senior International Monetary Fund official said on Saturday.

Business, 22 Aug 2015

IMF freezes benchmark currency basket, defers any yuan addition

WASHINGTON - The International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday it will freeze its benchmark currency basket until October 2016, giving markets more time to adjust to the possible addition of China's yuan as part of a review of global reserve currencies.

Business, Economy, 20 Aug 2015

Merkel says she expects IMF to take part in Greek bailout

BERLIN - German Chancellor Angela Merkel tried to reassure sceptical lawmakers on Sunday that the International Monetary Fund would take part in a new bailout for Greece, before a parliamentary vote in which many of her conservatives may break ranks and reject the rescue.

Business, Economy, 16 Aug 2015

Eurogroup will consider longer Greek loan maturities - Greek official

ATHENS - The euro zone is ready to take action, including extending loan maturities, to ensure the sustainability of Greek debt and the involvement of the International Monetary Fund in a rescue programme for Greece, a Greek official said on Friday.

Business, Economy, 15 Aug 2015

IMF thinks Greece needs third bailout worth 90 bln euros- German daily

BERLIN - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) thinks Greece's international lenders will have to increase the size of a third bailout to 90 billion euros ($98.9 billion), Germany's Handelsblatt reported on Monday.

Business, 10 Aug 2015

Greek govt says discussing draft of third bailout deal

ATHENS - Greek government officials discussed a draft of the country's third bailout agreement drawn up on the basis of discussions with EU/IMF lenders, a government official said on Saturday, boosting hopes a deal could be wrapped up in days.

Business, 09 Aug 2015

Corrected - IMF staff urges no rush to add China yuan to currency basket

(Corrects bullet point to show decision on timing of when to add yuan to basket not taken yet)

Economy, Business, 05 Aug 2015

Next IMF boss likely to come from outside Europe - deputy head

ATHENS - The next managing director of the International Monetary Fund is likely to come from outside Europe when current leader Christine Lagarde eventually leaves, the deputy head of the Washington-based fund said in an interview broadcast on Saturday.

Business, 25 Jul 2015

IMF confirms receiving Greek request for new loan

WASHINGTON - The International Monetary Fund said on Friday it had received a letter from Greece seeking a loan facility.

Business, 25 Jul 2015