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Israel's Netanyahu to Obama: Don't allow Iran deal that leaves it at nuclear threshold


WASHINGTON - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bluntly told U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday that he must make sure that any final nuclear deal with Iran does not leave it at the “threshold" of being able to develop nuclear weapons.

Turkey vows to fight Islamic State, coalition strikes near border

MURSITPINAR Turkey/BEIRUT - Turkey signalled it may send troops into Syria or Iraq and let allies use Turkish bases to fight Islamic State, as coalition jets launched air strikes on Wednesday on insurgents besieging a town on its southern border with Syria.

World, Syria, Iraq 01 Oct 2014

UN to talk with Libyan militias as next step in peace process

TUNIS - The United Nations plans to hold talks with the militias that have seized control of vast parts of Libya, hoping to persuade them to withdraw from major cities and avert civil war, the U.N. envoy there said.

World, Libya 01 Oct 2014

Insight - Saudi Arabia fears Yemeni tumult may boost its main foe Iran

RIYADH - The capture of Yemen's capital by rebels with ties to Iran has jolted Saudi Arabia, prompting a scramble by Riyadh to prevent its Shi'ite Muslim rival from exploiting the takeover to make trouble in the kingdom's backyard.

World, Yemen 01 Oct 2014

Turkey's Erdogan says new constitution priority after 2015 election

ISTANBUL - President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday forging a new constitution after a parliamentary election next year would be a priority for Turkey, signalling no let-up in his drive to create an executive presidency.

01 Oct 2014

New Afghan president re-opens inquiry into Kabul Bank scandal

KABUL - Afghanistan's new president on Wednesday re-opened an inquiry into a 2010 bank scandal involving a Ponzi scheme that collapsed triggering a financial crisis and dealing a heavy blow to confidence in the banking sector.

South Asia, World 01 Oct 2014

Turkey will fight Islamic State, wants Assad gone - President Erdogan

ANKARA - Turkey will fight against Islamic State and other "terrorist" groups in the region but will stick to its aim of seeing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad removed from power, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday .

World, Syria 01 Oct 2014

Britain drops terrorism charges against vocal ex-Guantanamo inmate

LONDON - A British man who was once held at Guantanamo Bay will be freed from prison, police said on Wednesday, after prosecutors dropped accusations that he had attended a terrorism training camp in Syria a week before he was due to go on trial.

World, Syria 01 Oct 2014

Taliban bomb Afghan army vehicles in Kabul, seven dead

KABUL - Two Taliban suicide bombers carried out separate attacks on Afghan army vehicles in Kabul on Wednesday, killing seven people and injuring 19, the government said, a day after Afghanistan signed security deals with NATO and the United States.

Coalition jets strike Islamic State near Turkish border - Kurdish sources

MURSITPINAR Turkey - U.S.-led forces launched air strikes on Islamic State fighters who are besieging a Kurdish town near the Syrian border with Turkey on Wednesday, Kurdish sources in the town and a monitoring group said, a rare daylight coalition attack.

World, Syria 01 Oct 2014

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