Natural Disasters

Magnitude 6.3 quake shakes Philippines' Mindanao island

DAVAO, Philippines A strong earthquake of magnitude 6.3 struck off the Philippine's Mindanao island on Saturday, sending hotel guests and construction workers running from buildings in Davao, but there were no immediate reports of damage.

Storm Julia threatens flooding in coastal South Carolina

Tropical Storm Julia dumped heavy rain on Georgia and threatened flooding in parts of South Carolina on Thursday as it meandered north along the U.S. Southeast coast, the National Hurricane Center said.

15 Sep 2016

South Korea's biggest earthquake triggers nuclear safety concerns

SEOUL Two earthquakes that jolted South Korea on Monday night, including the largest ever recorded in the country, prompted concerns about the safety of nuclear plants clustered in the quake-prone southeast.

World, Nuclear Power 13 Sep 2016

Italian quake town may sue Charlie Hebdo over "lasagne" cartoon

ROME An Italian town is pursuing legal action against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for a cartoon showing victims of an earthquake there as types of pasta, and another suggesting the mafia was to blame for the death toll of almost 300.

12 Sep 2016

North Korea flooding kills 133, displaces 107,000 - U.N.

SEOUL Flooding from heavy rain in North Korea has killed 133 people in its northeast while 395 are missing, with many homes and critical infrastructure destroyed, a U.N. agency said on Monday.

12 Sep 2016

Afghan asylum seeker's body removed from Italy quake rubble

ROME The body of an Afghan asylum seeker living in Amatrice, the town worst hit by last month's earthquake, was pulled from the rubble of the home where he had been living, Italy's national fire rescue service said on Monday.

South Asia, World 06 Sep 2016

Oklahoma rocked by one of its strongest earthquakes

PAWNEE, Okla. One of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded in Oklahoma rattled the area northwest of Pawnee on Saturday, fuelling growing concern about seismic activity linked to energy production, a federal agency said. | Video

Top News, World 04 Sep 2016

Italians angered by Charlie Hebdo cartoon showing quake victims as pasta

ROME French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, victim of a deadly attack by islamist militants in 2015 for its irreverent humour, was criticised by Italians on Friday for portraying victims of an earthquake that killed almost 300 people as different types of pasta.

Top News, World 02 Sep 2016

Offshore quake prompts temporary evacuation of New Zealand coastal area

WELLINGTON People living in coastal areas of New Zealand closest to a huge earthquake that struck offshore early on Friday were temporarily ordered to evacuate due to fears of a tsunami.

Top News, World 02 Sep 2016

Kerry meets Modi as monsoon chaos challenges India's "smart" future

NEW DELHI U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry experienced some of the challenges that lie in the way of India's economic rise, as monsoon floods in New Delhi became a talking point at his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Top News, Business 01 Sep 2016

China economic reforms may result in $14.4 trillion GDP, growth at 6 percent – Asia Society report

Sweeping economic reform initiated by China President Xi Jinping in November 2013 marked a turning point for the world's second biggest economy. If implemented fully, China's potential GDP growth can be sustained at 6 percent through 2020. One risk: Falling short of that growth rate could result in growth at half that projection, or worse, leading to a new economic crisis, according to a new study.