Natural Disasters

Biggest storm in five years thrashes Southern California


LOS ANGELES Southern California cleaned up on Saturday after its biggest storm in years unleashed a wave of rain and snow that killed at least three people and triggered flooding, mudslides, high winds and power outages, officials said.

U.N. warns of catastrophic dam failure in Syria battle

GENEVA The United Nations is warning of catastrophic flooding in Syria from the Tabqa dam, which is at risk from high water levels, deliberate sabotage by Islamic State (IS) and further damage from air strikes by the U.S.-led coalition.

World, Syria 15 Feb 2017

Philippines starts to repair damage in quake-hit southern province

MANILA Philippine authorities have begun to restore electricity and water supply to areas hit by a powerful earthquake in the south that killed six and damaged public infrastructure.

Top News, World 12 Feb 2017

Earthquake in southern Philippines kills four, damages infrastructure

MANILA Four people died and more than 100 were injured after a powerful earthquake struck the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines late Friday, damaging some structures and cutting power in many areas, local officials said.

Top News, World 11 Feb 2017

Thirty-one reported injured after tornadoes pummel Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La. Some 31 people were reported injured after six tornadoes tore through New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana, pounding across highways and streets and leaving trees, power lines and homes leveled by Wednesday morning. | Video

08 Feb 2017

Tornadoes tear path of destruction through Louisiana, at least 20 hurt

BATON ROUGE, La. Six tornadoes tore through New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana on Tuesday, injuring at least 20 people as the storm roared across highways and streets, leveling trees, power lines and homes. | Video

08 Feb 2017

Germany refuses Turkish demand for access to imagery from campaign against Islamic State

BERLIN Germany has ruled out giving Turkey unfiltered access to imagery gathered by Tornado fighter jets operating out of Incirlik air base in southern Turkey as part of the broader fight against Islamic State militants, the Defence Ministry said.

31 Jan 2017

New Zealand government orders building repairs due to quake risks

WELLINGTON The New Zealand government said on Wednesday it will require building owners to urgently fix hundreds of hazardous buildings due to concerns over the heightened earthquake risk following a deadly tremor in November.

25 Jan 2017

High winds, pounding rain hit eastern U.S.; 500 flights canceled

WASHINGTON A powerful storm with pounding rains and high winds roared up the U.S. East Coast on Monday, threatening to snarl travel for millions, after tornadoes killed at least 20 people in the South over the weekend. | Video

23 Jan 2017

Powerful quake strikes off Papua New Guinea, tsunami alert wound back

SYDNEY A 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck off Papua New Guinea (PNG) on Sunday, but there were no reports of casualties or damage after a potential tsunami did not occur.

22 Jan 2017

China economic reforms may result in $14.4 trillion GDP, growth at 6 percent – Asia Society report

Sweeping economic reform initiated by China President Xi Jinping in November 2013 marked a turning point for the world's second biggest economy. If implemented fully, China's potential GDP growth can be sustained at 6 percent through 2020. One risk: Falling short of that growth rate could result in growth at half that projection, or worse, leading to a new economic crisis, according to a new study.