Nuclear Power


Japan prosecutors set to rule on possible Fukushima indictments


TOKYO - Japanese prosecutors must decide this week whether to charge Tokyo Electric Power Co executives for their handling of the 2011 Fukushima disaster, in a process that could drag the operator of the stricken nuclear plant into criminal court.

Japan's power failure: Bid to forge national grid stumbles

TOKYO - After the Fukushima disaster crippled Japan's nuclear energy sector three years ago, the government pledged the biggest shake up in the history of the fragmented electricity industry to boost competition and contain a surge in power prices.

World, Japan, 2:42am IST

Iran arrests several spies near Bushehr nuclear plant - Fars news agency

ANKARA - Iranian security services have arrested several suspected spies in the southern province of Bushehr where the country's first nuclear power plant is located, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Tuesday.

World, 21 Oct 2014

Japan minister's quitting a hitch, but won't affect reactor restart

TOKYO - Japan's plan to restart nuclear reactors shut down after the Fukushima disaster will not be affected by Monday's resignation of the industry minister, but Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is losing a convincing advocate of a step most view with suspicion.

World, Japan, 20 Oct 2014

As Japan eyes nuclear restarts, renewables get shut out of grid

TOKYO - Japan's biggest utilities are blocking most new solar and other renewable energy from transmission grids, stirring concern among green power advocates that Japan favours restarting idled nuclear plants at the expense of other fossil-free supply.

World, Japan, 17 Oct 2014

Putin warns U.S. spat over Ukraine threatens global stability

MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin warned Washington that a spat between nuclear powers over the Ukraine crisis could threaten global stability and said in remarks published on Wednesday that Russia would not be "blackmailed" by sanctions.

World, 16 Oct 2014

The key to nuclear's future or an element of doubt?

CADARACHE France - Behind thick glass in a laboratory nestled in French woodland, a silvery molten metal swirls like a liquid mirror. But the material is no mere novelty; as dangerous as it is captivating, it could offer a solution to the nuclear power debate.

World, 13 Oct 2014

Nuclear workers kept in dark on Fukushima hazard pay

HIRONO - Almost a year after Japan pledged to double hazard pay at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant, workers are still in the dark about how much extra they are getting paid, if anything, for cleaning up the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

World, Japan, 08 Oct 2014

S.Africa signs 9.6 GW nuclear power deal with Russia

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa signed a $10 billion nuclear power cooperation deal with Russia on Monday that paves the way for the building of up to 9.6 GW of nuclear power based on Russian technology by 2030, both sides said.

World, 22 Sep 2014

Developing world revives nuclear power prospects, but yet to commit

LONDON - Developing nations are leading a revival of interest in nuclear power, say atomic plant builders, but orders remain elusive as more safety features post-Fukushima have inflated investment costs.

World, 18 Sep 2014