Nuclear Power


Australian inquiry backs nuclear power after decades-long aversion


SYDNEY An Australian royal commission on Monday recommended building a nuclear industry, including a waste dump, in the uranium-rich state of South Australia, propelling the case for overturning long-held opposition to nuclear power.

30 years on, Ukrainians remember victims of Chernobyl disaster

KIEV Ukraine held memorial services on Tuesday to mark the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which permanently poisoned swathes of eastern Europe and highlighted the shortcomings of the secretive Soviet system. | Video

Top News, World, 26 Apr 2016

Protesters break into Finnish-Russian nuclear site

HELSINKI Anti-nuclear protesters broke in to a construction site on Tuesday for a nuclear reactor to be supplied by Russia's state-owned nuclear firm Rosatom, choosing the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster for their demonstration.

World, 26 Apr 2016

Former Chernobyl residents take a bittersweet visit home

PRIPYAT, Ukraine For residents of Chernobyl, a three-day evacuation turned into a thirty-year exile.

World, 25 Apr 2016

China could build nuclear plants for South China Sea, paper says

BEIJING China is getting closer to building maritime nuclear power platforms that could one day be used to support projects in the disputed South China Sea, a state-run newspaper said on Friday, but the foreign ministry said it had not heard of the plans.

World, 22 Apr 2016

Thirty years on, Chernobyl disaster spawns unlikely gaming culture

MOSCOW The Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the world's worst, brought death, misery and radioactive contamination. Thirty years later, it has become the unlikely inspiration for Russian weekend gaming enthusiasts.

World, 21 Apr 2016

Militant interest in attacking nuclear sites stirs concern in Europe

PARIS/FRANKFURT Metre-thick concrete walls and 1950s-style analog control rooms help protect nuclear plants from bomb attacks and computer hackers, but Islamist militants are turning their attention to the atomic industry's weak spots, security experts say.

World, 30 Mar 2016

Belgian nuclear guard shot and security access badge stolen - media

BRUSSELS Two days after bomb attacks at Brussels airport and on a packed metro killed 31 people and injured hundreds, a security guard who worked at a Belgian nuclear plant was murdered and his pass was stolen, Belgian media reported on Saturday.

World, 26 Mar 2016

Giant arch to block Chernobyl radiation for next 100 years

CHERNOBYL, Ukraine In the middle of a vast exclusion zone in northern Ukraine, the world's largest land-based moving structure has been built to prevent deadly radiation spewing from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site for the next 100 years.

World, 24 Mar 2016

Non-essential staff at Belgian nuclear plants Doel and Tihange sent home

PARIS Staff not essential for the running of nuclear plants in Doel and Tihange in Belgium have been sent home at the request of Belgian authorities following the deadly attacks in Brussels, the plants' French operator, Engie, said on Tuesday.

World, Top News, 22 Mar 2016