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'Food revolution' - megabrands turn to small start-ups for big ideas


LONDON Food and drink megabrands are seeing their sales chewed away by smaller, nimbler, cooler rivals. They can't beat them - so now they're joining them.

Special Report - As Modi and his Hindu base rise, so too does a yoga tycoon

HARIDWAR, India Narendra Modi leaned to whisper in the ear of the man sitting cross-legged and barefoot next to him, the one clad in saffron robes with a long beard and squinty gaze. It was late in the afternoon of March 23, 2014 in New Delhi and the start of national elections was a fortnight away.

23 May 2017

How Malta rolled dice on online gambling supervision - documents

BRUSSELS Malta let online gambling firms operate from the island across the European Union between at least 2012-2014 while failing to enforce its own rules on monitoring their computer servers, according to a former employee at Malta’s gaming regulator.

26 May 2017

In America's largest oilfield, whir of activity confounds OPEC

LEA COUNTY, N.M. As oilfield workers for Lilis Energy Inc threaded together drill pipes one recent morning in the Permian Basin, a bulldozer cleared sagebrush to make way for the company's fifth well since January. | Video

17 May 2017

Behind Kushner Companies, a Chinese agency skirts visa-for-investment rules

SHANGHAI While Jared Kushner's family company apologised this week for mentioning the White House adviser's name when wooing Chinese investors to fund a New Jersey real estate project, one Chinese immigration agency was touting its role in the deal.

12 May 2017

Suspected Russia-backed hackers target Baltic energy networks

MILAN/LONDON Suspected Russia-backed hackers have launched exploratory cyber attacks against the energy networks of the Baltic states, sources said, raising security concerns inside the West's main military alliance, NATO.

11 May 2017

Ex-rebel leaders detail role played by Putin aide in east Ukraine

MOSCOW A top aide to Vladimir Putin decides how the pro-Moscow administration of eastern Ukraine is run and who gets what jobs there, three former rebel leaders said, challenging Kremlin denials that it calls the shots in the region.   

11 May 2017

Amazon trounces rivals in battle of the shopping 'bots'

SAN FRANCISCO Earlier this year, engineers at Wal-Mart Stores Inc who track rivals' prices online got a rude surprise: the technology they were using to check Amazon.com several million times a day suddenly stopped working. | Video

10 May 2017

On Gatsby’s North Shore, Chinese luxury home buyers pause as curbs bite

JERICHO, N.Y./BEIJING Among the sprawling colonial homes and well-tended lawns on the north shore of New York's Long Island, there are signs that Chinese policies crafted 11,000 kilometres away are taking a toll. | Video

10 May 2017

Dismantling nuclear: German power firms sell new skills

FRANKFURT Energy groups E.ON and EnBW are tearing down their nuclear plants at massive cost following Germany's decision to abandon nuclear power by 2022, but they are seeking to turn a burden into business by exporting their newfound dismantling skills.

09 May 2017

Swedish art gallery satire "The Square" wins Palme d'Or at Cannes

CANNES, France "The Square", a Swedish movie about the curator of a museum filled with grotesquely pretentious conceptual art was awarded the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday.