Special Reports


Insight - On climate change, "not a scientist" not enough for some U.S. Republicans


WASHINGTON - Rick Perry's farewell speech to the Texas legislature listed the accomplishments expected from an outgoing Republican governor of the country's largest oil-producing state. But his Jan. 15 speech also did something less predictable: touting his environmental record, from lowering Texas' carbon emissions to turning the state into a global leader in wind energy production.

Insight - How Draghi got divided ECB to say 'yes' to money-printing

LONDON - When Mario Draghi announced the European Central Bank's trillion-euro scheme to buy government bonds, he acknowledged that in the round of strategies to revive inflation and boost the economy, the bank had just played its last hand.

26 Jan 2015

Special Report - Mexico looks the other way as contractors fleece oil giant Pemex

MEXICO CITY - The state-owned petroleum giant Pemex paid $9 million (6 million pounds) in 2011 to have an oil rig towed halfway round the world, from the United Arab Emirates to the Gulf of Mexico. When government auditors looked at the contract, they turned up some problems.

23 Jan 2015

Insight - Hezbollah under pressure to act after Israeli strike

BEIRUT - With a confident smile, the leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah movement warned in a recent interview that allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would strike back if Israeli attacks inside Syria continued.

23 Jan 2015

Insight - The smoke around e-cig science

LONDON - From Apple Pie to Bubbly Bubble Gum, Irish Car Bomb or Martian bar – from Mars!, the flavours of electronic cigarette offer something for every taste.

22 Jan 2015

Insight - Disenchanted militants in South Asia eye Islamic State with envy

PESHAWAR, Pakistan/LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan - Splits within the Taliban, and doubts over whether its elusive leader is even alive, are driving a growing number of militant commanders in Afghanistan and Pakistan towards Islamic State (IS) for inspiration.

22 Jan 2015

Special Report - For Islamic State, wheat season sows seeds of discontent

ARBIL, Iraq - As the season for wheat planting in Iraq wound down early last month, farmers in areas under the control of Sunni militant group Islamic State grew worried.

20 Jan 2015

Insight - Israel's high-tech boom is double-edged sword

TEL AVIV - Israeli entrepreneur Avi Brenmiller says he was coaxed by investors into selling Solel, his solar-thermal power firm, to Germany's Siemens for $418 million in 2009. Today, little is left of it after Siemens pulled out of the business.

19 Jan 2015

Insight - Indian spy's role alleged in Sri Lankan president's election defeat

COLOMBO/NEW DELHI - Sri Lanka expelled the Colombo station chief of India's spy agency in the run-up to this month's presidential election, political and intelligence sources said, accusing him of helping the opposition oust President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

18 Jan 2015

Insight - Unfazed by market swings, Fed sticks to mid-2015 hike scenario

NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO - Tumbling oil prices have strengthened rather than weakened the Federal Reserve's resolve to start raising interest rates around midyear even as volatile markets and a softening U.S. inflation outlook made investors push back the timing of the "liftoff."

17 Jan 2015