Special Reports


Iran's global banking problems deepen with rise of Trump, Brexit


LONDON/ANKARA Britain's vote to leave the European Union and the rise of U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump have paralysed efforts by Western governments to encourage already highly reluctant international banks to do business with Iran.

Turkey's investment grade hangs in balance as post-coup purges deepen

ISTANBUL A crackdown in Turkey after a failed coup could further weaken its institutions and threaten its investment grade status, investors fear, as dismissals and detentions stretch from the judiciary into the private sector and even the central bank.

28 Jul 2016

Special Report - In Venezuela's murky oil industry, the deal that went too far

CARACAS/BOGOTA Even for Venezuela's notoriously opaque economy, it was a sweetheart deal that went too far. | Video

26 Jul 2016

Turkish military a fractured force after attempted coup

ISTANBUL Just weeks ago, Commander Adem Huduti was inspecting Turkish troops on the Syrian border and being praised in the media for his role in the fight against Islamic State and Kurdish militants.

26 Jul 2016

Special Report - In Turkish sweatshops, Syrian children sew to survive

ISTANBUL, Turkey Muna Awwal wants to go to school. But she needs to go to work.

26 Jul 2016

Regional armies struggle in last push against Boko Haram

DIFFA, Niger "You'll all be able to go home soon. Boko Haram is nearly finished," Niger's Interior Minister Mohamed Bazoum told a crowd of refugees seated quietly on dusty, sun-baked flats.

25 Jul 2016

Ukraine, after war, becomes a trove for black market arms trade

SLOVIANSK, Ukraine/MOSCOW On Feb. 12 last year, the same day that a ceasefire ended the worst of the fighting in eastern Ukraine between rebels and government forces, a former rebel fighter seized a chance to turn his inside knowledge of the conflict into hard cash.

25 Jul 2016

Special Report - Students, teachers detail cheating in programme owned by test giant ACT

SHANGHAI/SEOUL/IOWA CITY For many Chinese high school students hoping to get into a U.S. university, the pitch is hard to resist.

25 Jul 2016

Turkish president gains upper hand in power struggle

ISTANBUL At the crossroads between a divided Europe and a convulsed Middle East, Turkey is caught in a power struggle between former Islamist allies which is shaking democratic institutions and raises questions about its future path.

25 Jul 2016

When does Brexit mean Brexit - Could the UK change its mind?

LONDON Since entering Downing Street as Britain's new prime minister last week, Theresa May has quickly dispelled hopes that the UK might change its mind about leaving the European Union.

22 Jul 2016

At least 31 killed in Assam, Bangladesh by heavy rains

GUWAHATI, India/DHAKA, Bangladesh At least 17 people have been killed by heavy rains and flooding in Assam, while at least 14 people have died in Bangladesh, with millions of people also displaced, officials said on Saturday.