Special Reports


Special Report - Ukraine struggles to control maverick battalions


KIEV - From a basement billiard club in central Kiev, Dmytro Korchynsky commands a volunteer battalion helping Ukraine's government fight rebels in the east. A burly man with a long, Cossack-style moustache, Korchynsky has several hundred armed men at his disposal. The exact number, he said, is "classified."

Special Report - Subaru’s secret: Low-paid foreign workers power an export boom

OTA, Japan - Yasuyuki Yoshinaga was in a good mood at the early May earnings briefing in Tokyo. The top executive at the maker of Subaru automobiles joked that he would have to wear a helmet on an upcoming trip to the United States. The reason: Dealers were going to hit him over the head for not supplying them with enough of his cars to sell. | Video

4:49pm IST

Insight - Central Asia crackdown on militant Islam risks backlash

OSH, Kyrgyzstan - Authorities in Central Asia's former Soviet "stans" are taking draconian measures to stamp out militant Islam, but their harsh methods and the absence of democratic politics risk provoking a backlash that could bring even greater instability.

28 Jul 2015

Insight - Puerto Rico tourism industry lags rivals, offers little relief from debt crisis

- Puerto Rico may sport palm trees, pristine beaches and glorious weather but its tourism industry is losing out to rival Caribbean islands - and that is holding the U.S. territory back at a time when its deeply troubled economy most needs a fillip.

27 Jul 2015

Insight - Turkish help for Uighur refugees looms over Erdogan visit to Beijing

ISTANBUL - The folded piece of paper with a photo of a four-month-old baby tells a story that will loom over Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and his Chinese hosts when he visits Beijing this week.

27 Jul 2015

Insight - Koch Brothers' political group struggles in Alaska

ANCHORAGE - When it comes to influencing politics, few billionaires are more effective than the industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch. Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nonprofit organisation they founded and continue to support, achieved a 95 percent success rate in the 2014 election races where it spent money.

27 Jul 2015

Insight - Militants in minority in Pakistan execution drive, deterrent effect debated

ISLAMABAD - When Pakistan resumed executions after the massacre of 134 pupils at an army-run school last December, the government promised hangings would help deter Islamist militants.

27 Jul 2015

Insight - India's reforms target labour anarchy, but too late for some

NEW DELHI - Last month, hundreds of workers went on the rampage at a factory belonging to garment exporter Orient Craft, torching vehicles and smashing windows in the gritty industrial fringes of Gurgaon, a Delhi satellite city.

26 Jul 2015

Insight - Boeing looks at pricey titanium in bid to stem 787 losses

SEATTLE - Boeing Co , which loses about $23 million (14.83 million pounds) on every 787 Dreamliner passenger jet that leaves the factory, is trying to stem the losses by cutting the use of one of its signature ingredients: titanium.

24 Jul 2015

Special report - West Africa's alarming growth industry: meth

DAKAR - When customs officers in the sleepy Senegalese town of Koumpentoum discovered a stash of pills hidden in a bus from Mali in late February, they initially thought it was counterfeit medicine.

24 Jul 2015

Hours before Yakub Memon to hang, Supreme Court rejects final appeal

NEW DELHI - Yakub Memon's chances of avoiding the hangman's noose for his role in the 1993 Mumbai bombings dwindled on Wednesday, after Supreme Court threw out his final plea for mercy hours before he was due to be executed.