Special Reports


Special Report - Why an emblematic American city has turned to Trump


MUNCIE, Indiana One night a month, retired auto workers shuffle into a former elementary school classroom here to discuss their legal fight against the company that cancelled their health care benefits seven years ago.

Indonesia's most-wanted awakens new generation of jihadis

SOLO, Indonesia During a May 2011 shootout, Indonesia's counter-terrorism forces killed the leader of a militant group thought to be behind a series of failed bomb attempts around the city of Solo in Central Java.

26 Aug 2016

Shipowners slash costs, leaving some crews unpaid, unsafe as downturn bites

HONG KONG/SINGAPORE/MUMBAI Unpaid, underfed, and thousands of miles from home on a rusting tanker, captain Munir Hasan says he is a victim of a shipowner who has slashed costs in the face of an eight-year shipping downturn.

27 Aug 2016

Special Report - How Delaware kept America safe for corporate secrecy

DOVER, Delaware, In 2009, a global coalition was pressing governments to lift the veil on corporate secrecy. Its members – U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration, influential senators, international law enforcement agencies, anti-corruption activists and major American allies -- presented a formidable front in their campaign against money laundering and tax evasion.

24 Aug 2016

Special Report - Massacre reports show U.S. inability to curb Iraq militias

WASHINGTONShi’ite militias in Iraq detained, tortured and abused far more Sunni civilians during the American-backed capture of the town of Falluja in June than U.S. officials have publicly acknowledged, Reuters has found.

23 Aug 2016

How a Ukrainian reform backfired, opening a new door to fraud

BARYSHIVKA, Ukraine The goal was to make Ukraine more friendly for investors by reducing red tape. But reforms that loosened the rules for registering ownership of assets have left companies prey to fraudsters who can swipe entire businesses at a pen stroke.

23 Aug 2016

Special report - Enslaved in Libya: One woman's extraordinary escape from Islamic State

On the night of June 2, 2015, gunmen blocked a highway on Libya's northern coast and stopped a white truck speeding toward Tripoli, the capital. The men trained their assault rifles on the driver. Three climbed aboard to search the cargo.

18 Aug 2016

Special Report - Not so SWIFT: Bank messaging system slow to address weak points

LA HULPE, Belgium More than a dozen current and former board directors and senior managers of SWIFT, the bank messaging system that helps transmit billions of dollars around the world every day, have told Reuters the organisation for years suspected there were weaknesses in the way smaller banks used its messaging terminals – but did not address such vulnerabilities.

17 Aug 2016

How U.S. sanctions targeted a Belize banana farmer, and hurt an economy

WASHINGTON When the United States blacklisted John Angel Zabaneh, a banana farmer and exporter in Belize, for alleged ties to a top drug lord, it did more than just sideline one local businessman from the global financial system.

16 Aug 2016

Special Report - How British firms built a pyramid scheme in China that lost millions

SHANGHAI, China As David Byrne ate breakfast at the Tongli Lakeview Hotel outside Shanghai one Sunday in April, an angry customer was waiting for him.

13 Aug 2016

U.S., India, Afghanistan to hold talks - Kerry

NEW DELHI Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday that the United States would launch trilateral talks with India and Afghanistan at next month's United Nations meetings in New York after strategy talks in the Indian capital New Delhi.