Special Reports


France tempers Iran nuclear stance in nod to wider diplomatic needs


PARIS - A year after France scuppered a deal on Iran's nuclear program it is taking a softer stance in current talks, encouraged by a more inclusive U.S. approach and the knowledge that failure this year could have grim repercussions across the broader region.

SEC director with big stock holdings stirs debate

WASHINGTON - Keith Higgins, who runs the office that reviews public companies' books at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, reported stock holdings worth between about $2 million and $6 million last year and the sale of stocks throughout 2014, according to SEC disclosures viewed by Reuters.

21 Nov 2014

Special Report: Plant with troubled past at center of Takata air bag probe

CIUDAD FRONTERA Mexico/DETROIT - The dusty, industrial town of Ciudad Frontera, Mexico, has moved from the far reaches of the global auto supply chain to the front lines of an investigation into why air bags from Takata Corp are blowing up with lethal force in accidents.

Japan, Special Reports 20 Nov 2014

Special Report: Crimean savers ask: Where's our money?

SIMFEROPOL Crimea - Outside a high-rise building on the outskirts of this disputed region's capital, a steady stream of frustrated residents exited a government office, clutching folders of bank records and shaking their heads in disgust.

20 Nov 2014

Insight: Airbus deepens carmaker thinking to drive jet output

PARIS - An industrial drumbeat is picking up in European aircraft factories as Airbus borrows a new range of carmaking strategies to keep pace with record demand.

19 Nov 2014

Special Report: In Pentagon deal with Russians, big profit for tiny Florida firm

ATLANTA/MOSCOW - For months, a powerful U.S. senator has been pushing for details of a murky deal under which a Russian manufacturer supplies the rocket engines used to launch America’s spy satellites into space.

19 Nov 2014

Japan deflation devil, election loss drove Abe's tax, poll moves

TOKYO - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's twin decisions to delay an unpopular sales tax increase and call a snap election were not quite the bolt from the blue they first appeared.

18 Nov 2014

The $1 billion divorce: Why Harold Hamm's ex-wife didn't win more

- Just how much of Harold Hamm's fortune was amassed through his skill and hard work?

16 Nov 2014

China's blitz against corruption hits some U.S. travel companies

NEW YORK - Almost every year for more than a decade, tour group operator Carson Zhang guided a delegation of about two dozen Chinese government officials from Guangdong province's Forestry Administration for a two-week trip through the national parks of California, Tennessee, and Georgia.

16 Nov 2014

Google Glass future clouded as some early believers lose faith

SAN FRANCISCO - After two years of popping up at high-profile events sporting Google Glass, the gadget that transforms eyeglasses into spy-movie worthy technology, Google co-founder Sergey Brin sauntered bare-faced into a Silicon Valley red-carpet event on Sunday.

15 Nov 2014

Obama to be chief guest at Republic Day celebrations

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barack Obama will attend India's Republic Day celebrations in January as chief guest, a sign of steadily expanding ties between two countries that share concerns about China's growing power in Asia.