Special Reports


Insight - Why Nigeria's restive oil region will only accept Jonathan


OTUOKE, Nigeria - The most impressive building in Otuoke, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan's home town in the oil producing Niger Delta, is the multistory mansion complex he has built for himself and close family while in office.

Insight - What would the Dow look like if it included Apple?

NEW YORK - It may be by far the most valuable American company but Apple Inc still can’t get into at least one exclusive club – the 30-member Dow Jones Industrial Average.

02 Mar 2015

Insight - Near Fed majority backs June liftoff Yellen hasn't yet endorsed

WASHINGTON - Janet Yellen's premium on consensus may lead to a Federal Reserve decision the chair hasn't yet endorsed, as a near majority aligns in favour of a possible June interest rate hike.

02 Mar 2015

Insight - How Jeb Bush's big bet on Florida economy may come back to haunt him

JUPITER, Florida - In October 2003, Jeb Bush unveiled one of the largest economic projects in Florida history: a $500 million plan to bring Scripps Research Institute to the state and build a biomedical hub he said would generate nearly 50,000 jobs in 15 years.

02 Mar 2015

Insight - As Venezuela coffee output sinks, it swaps oil to import Nicaraguan beans

NEW YORK/MANAGUA - Venezuela, once a proud exporter of premium coffee, has been reduced to swapping crude oil for growing volumes of Nicaraguan coffee beans to make sure worsening economic turmoil does not prevent people from getting their caffeine fix.

01 Mar 2015

Insight - Italian e-cigarette firms say new tax benefits tobacco

LONDON - Electronic cigarette firms in Italy say a new levy that doubles the price of e-liquid refills unfairly helps tobacco giants like Philip Morris International and will hurt their industry.

27 Feb 2015

Insight - Jordan takes no chances in confronting homegrown Jihadis

AMMAN - At Jordan’s State Security court, Islamic State militants, clad in green military fatigues with long, unkempt beards, stood impassively, awaiting sentence inside a black iron cage.

26 Feb 2015

Insight: Buy-and-hold fund prospers with no new bets in 80 years

BOSTON - Equity investors pursuing a buy-and-hold strategy might want to check out a fund that hasn't made an original stock market bet in 80 years.

27 Feb 2015

Insight - West's offer to rebuild Ukraine faces reality check

BRUSSELS/WASHINGTON - Western powers are preparing what they say may be their most potent weapon against Moscow's interference in Ukraine - a multi billion dollar aid package to rebuild a near-bankrupt state and realise the European dream cherished by many Ukrainians.

26 Feb 2015

Insight - Can Reno handle the challenges of its economic successes?

RENO, Nevada - - Mike Kazmierski stood at the podium with good news to report to the 400 local businesspeople who had gathered to hear him speak at Reno's Atlantis Casino ballroom in January. During 2014, 34 companies had relocated to the area. Nearly 4,200 jobs were created, bringing unemployment down to 6.4 percent, a big drop from 2011’s high of 14.2 percent.

26 Feb 2015

Exclusive - Payment delays dent India's flagship health, AIDS programmes

NEW DELHI - India's main public health programmes, aimed at millions of rural poor, have been in disarray for months because the government changed the way that over $1.3 billion in central funds were distributed, according to data and letters seen by Reuters.