Special Reports


Insight - Iran seeks nuclear deal but not normal ties with 'Great Satan'


LAUSANNE, Switzerland - Iran is not expected to normalise relations with the United States even if Tehran reaches agreement with world powers on its nuclear programme, officials and analysts said.

Insight - Migrants remain political bystanders in England's 'Little Poland'

BOSTON, England - In the market square of Boston in eastern England, shoppers chatter in Slavic and Baltic languages as much as in English.

31 Mar 2015

Special Report - Inside Hungary's 10 billion euro nuclear deal with Russia

BUDAPEST - Its currency is wounded and its economy besieged by sanctions, yet Russia still has money to spare for potential allies overseas. Even as it scrabbles for foreign funds, Moscow is poised to make a 10 billion (7.3 billion pounds) euro loan to Hungary, one of the European Union members most sympathetic to it.

30 Mar 2015

Insight - Hardline Mali rebel demands stall hopes for peace

DAKAR - Mediators in northern Mali's conflict underestimated the radicalisation of a new generation at the heart of a separatist movement, a misstep that left the peace process in tatters after rebels refused to sign a proposed deal.

29 Mar 2015

Insight - Modi's popularity in rural India punctured by discontent, suicides

VAIDI, India - Over a dozen debt-laden farmers have committed suicide in recent weeks in India, and discontent in many rural areas against government policies is turning into anger against Prime Minister Narendra Modi less than a year after he swept into office.

29 Mar 2015

Insight - The $50 device that symbolises a shift in North Korea

SEOUL - A $50 (34 pounds) portable media player is providing many North Koreans a window to the outside world despite the government's efforts to keep its people isolated - a symbol of change in one of the world's most repressed societies. | Video

27 Mar 2015

Insight - In Sudan, an unlikely path to jihad for students

KHARTOUM - Tasneem Hussein was a soft-spoken university student in Khartoum when the transformation slowly began.

27 Mar 2015

Insight - Fed market gurus prep rate hike amid last-minute anxieties

NEW YORK - The New York Federal Reserve officials tasked with prying interest rates off the floor have been meeting with bankers and traders to plot how best to do it, amid deep uncertainty over how much control they will really have over short-term lending markets.

26 Mar 2015

Insight - Distrust clouds vision of Kurdish peace in Turkey

DIYARBAKIR, Turkey - Kurds applauded last weekend's call from their jailed rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan to end a 30-year armed struggle against Turkey but deep suspicions on both sides could shatter dreams of peace.

26 Mar 2015

Insight - Worries grow as new courts hand Pakistan army more power

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - Weeks after Taliban gunmen massacred 134 pupils at an army-run school, Pakistani lawmakers significantly expanded the power of military courts by allowing them to try civilians accused of terrorism.

26 Mar 2015

India says will shake up trade tariffs to compete globally

NEW DELHI - India plans to pull its tariff regime closer in line with global norms to prepare for new regional trade pacts being negotiated by advanced economies, the government said on Wednesday.