Special Reports


Ferry disaster weighs on S. Korean president steeled by tragedy


SEOUL, Sept 22 - South Korean President Park Geun-hye's voice trembled as she tried to comfort parents gathered near a makeshift morgue to identify the bodies of their children, among the hundreds drowned in a ferry disaster.

Campaign donations highlight winners, losers in Brazil election

BRASILIA/SAO PAULO - Brazil's financial markets have rallied on the prospect of environmentalist Marina Silva unseating President Dilma Rousseff in next month's election, but political donations show plenty of companies may be wary of a new administration.

20 Sep 2014

A year later, most mega IPOs are mega laggards

NEW YORK - If history is any guide, investors who miss out on getting a slice of Alibaba's massive initial public offering may want to think twice about jumping into the stock once it hits the New York Stock Exchange. | Video

19 Sep 2014

After Mahmoud Abbas, who will lead the Palestinians?

JERUSALEM/RAMALLAH West Bank - Most Palestinians have known only two leaders: Yasser Arafat, the stubble-chinned firebrand fond of chequered scarves and olive fatigues, and Mahmoud Abbas, a smooth-shaven father figure who favors Western suits and ties.

18 Sep 2014

Why Americans are flocking to their sinking shores

SANTA ROSA BEACH Florida - Mike Huckabee bought a beachfront lot here in 2009, a year after his failed bid for the Republican presidential nomination. A longtime friend and political ally of the former Arkansas governor bought the lot next door. They planned to build $3 million vacation villas side-by-side, each with a pool and sweeping views of Walton County’s renowned sugary sand beaches and the azure waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

17 Sep 2014

London's young techs find anti-immigrant mood a drag

LONDON - When Efe Cakarel picked London as a new base for his video streaming company, he was counting on its location, capital markets and infrastructure, but also on the city's reputation as a hub for talented people from Europe and beyond.

17 Sep 2014

Europe’s startups get bootcamp booster

AMSTERDAM - In the two years that Rockstart Accelerator - a private bootcamp for tech firms - has been going, it says the 20 startups it has backed have raised 15 million euros ($19 million) and created nearly 150 permanent jobs.

16 Sep 2014

U.S. scouts for Sunni allies on the ground in Iraq

By Oliver Holmes, Suleiman Al-Khalidi, Jason Szep and Ned Parker

16 Sep 2014

'Mr. Confession' and his boss drive China's antitrust crusade

BEIJING - A signboard at the top of a staircase in the ageing Beijing offices of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) directs lawyers and company officials to numbered conference rooms for antitrust meetings.

16 Sep 2014

Special Report: Poultry firms systematically feed low-dose antibiotics to flocks

ATLANTA/CHICAGO - Major U.S. poultry firms are administering antibiotics to their flocks far more pervasively than regulators realize, posing a potential risk to human health.

16 Sep 2014