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Special Report - Greek shipowners talk up their role to protect tax breaks


PIRAEUS, Greece On the day he took office as Greece's shipping minister in June 2012, Kostis Moussouroulis received a visit from a 90-year-old shipowner. He still remembers the older man's words: "Don't forget, the best minister of shipping and maritime affairs is the minister who is doing nothing for the shipping industry. He is the one who is leaving us alone." | Video

Insight - New agonies, alliances as U.S. Fed debates post-liftoff plan

NEW YORK Federal Reserve officials, who are expected to raise interest rates next month, are already sketching out positions for a post-liftoff debate that may blur the lines between inflation "hawks" and "doves" and make the Fed's policy less predictable.

25 Nov 2015

Insight - In taking economic war to Islamic State, U.S. developing new tools

WASHINGTON Since last month, U.S. warplanes have struck Islamic State's oil infrastructure in Syria in a stepped-up campaign of economic warfare that the United States estimates has cut the group's black-market earnings from oil by about a third.

24 Nov 2015

Insight - Sassy woman or machine? Tech giants divided over digital assistants

SAN FRANCISCO When users ask Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, what she likes to drink, she is quick with an answer.

24 Nov 2015

Insight - 'Rambo' appeal, not the mosque, lures Brussels youths to IS

BRUSSELS Khalid Ben Larbi lived a hedonistic lifestyle similar to other European youths and rarely went to the mosque in Molenbeek, the mainly Muslim Moroccan immigrant area where he and three of the suspected Paris attackers grew up in Brussels.

24 Nov 2015

Insight - Bibi Times: Netanyahu's tangled relationship with Israel's media

JERUSALEM "You have to play the media like a piano," an adviser recalls being told by his ex-boss, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

23 Nov 2015

Insight - Authorities missed many 'red flags' before Paris shootings

PARIS There were multiple chances to stop the men who attacked Paris.

22 Nov 2015

Insight - Wal-Mart scrimped on hiring as store space grew rapidly

CHICAGO Wal-Mart has been dogged by criticism of the standard of its stores in recent years, including long checkout lines and insufficient stocking of its shelves. A Reuters analysis of the giant discount retailer’s growth and its employee numbers may help explain why.

20 Nov 2015

Insight - Bus driver who turned Paris attacker skipped police watch

PARIS/DRANCY, France One of the attackers who blew himself up in Paris's Bataclan concert hall had missed at least four weekly check-ins with French police who were investigating him on suspicion of terrorism-related activity.

21 Nov 2015

Insight - As Obama heads to Malaysia, human trafficking stance questioned

KUALA LUMPUR/WASHINGTON Inus bin Abul Baser, an 18-year-old from Myanmar's persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority, believed he’d escaped the worst when he managed to buy his freedom from human traffickers in Thailand and enter Malaysia in search of security and work.

20 Nov 2015

Support for lower GST rate gaining traction

NEW DELHI The idea of setting a relatively low rate for a new sales tax seemed to be gaining traction on Wednesday, as politicians of all stripes met to debate what would be the country's biggest tax reform since independence.