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Inside Xi Jinping's purge of China's oil mandarins


BEIJING/HONG KONG - Oil executive Jiang Jiemin rose to power in Communist China in time-honored fashion: by hitching his star to a mighty mentor.

Irish, Dutch, UK law firms in tax inversion beauty contest in U.S.

NEW YORK - A series of European law firms are aggressively pitching low corporate taxes in their countries to prospective U.S. clients, seeking to tap into the tax inversion frenzy that has seized Corporate America in recent months.

4:03am IST

Purge of minorities re-draws Iraq map

KABERLI Iraq - A new map is being drawn across the plains of northern Iraq as Sunni militants of the Islamic State purge the rural landscape of religious and ethnic minorities that have co-existed for hundreds of years.

24 Jul 2014

Germany promises change as arms sales draw scrutiny

BERLIN - For lawmaker Jan van Aken, little symbolizes more potently all that he finds indefensible about Germany's arms exports than the German and French-made anti-tank missile that he was shown in northern Syria.

23 Jul 2014

Battered by election, Indonesia's new president faces party clash

JAKARTA - After winning Indonesia's closest ever presidential election, Joko "Jokowi" Widodo now faces what could be his toughest battle yet - winning over his own party.

23 Jul 2014

Race for North Dakota's agriculture commissioner is all about oil

TOWNER North Dakota - North Dakota's biggest oil producers have picked a side and put money into an obscure election for the state's agriculture commissioner, hoping to ward off a rising Democratic challenger who could limit development of new wells and pipelines.

22 Jul 2014

Islamic State crushes and coerces on march towards Baghdad

BAGHDAD - Using its own version of "soft" and "hard" power, the Islamic State is crushing resistance across northern Iraq so successfully that its promise to march on Baghdad may no longer be unrealistic bravado.

22 Jul 2014

Wave of migrant children threatens to swamp U.S. immigration courts

WASHINGTON - A deluge of Central American children pouring into the United States threatens to burst the seams of already overstuffed immigration courts, and President Barack Obama's steps to ease the crisis are likely to make matters worse rather than better for some, U.S. officials and immigration lawyers said.

22 Jul 2014

Context means Nibali gets an easy ride on doping

CARCASSONNE France - On the first rest day of the Tour de France, Team Sky boss Dave Brailsford wondered why Vincenzo Nibali was being let off the hook over cycling's doping problem after last year's champion Chris Froome was grilled multiple times on the matter.

21 Jul 2014

In U.S. gay marriage cases, children emerge in the limelight

WASHINGTON - With legal battles over gay marriage simmering across the United States, proponents are showcasing a group they had once sidelined: children.

20 Jul 2014

India blocks WTO deal on customs rules as deadline nears

GENEVA - India blocked an agreement on new global customs rules on Thursday, angering fellow members of the World Trade Organization who say Delhi's veto could be costly, economically and politically.