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Irish PM refuses to be drawn on referendum prospects

Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 02:26

The Irish Prime Minister urges fiscal discipline across Europe to maintain credibility and says any decision on a referendum must wait.

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What a referendum required an in -- to be into government discussions were taking place here. I'm actually a big supporter of the of the community and it's impressive about the principles of some of -- cooperation tossed. In any event we have a situation Norfolk which is very clear. When the text is eventually eventually agree on the table. Governments ask -- Tony judgment that if performance needed advice as to whether. That text is in compliance with our constitution and not -- on the basis of fast the government needs -- If the -- If you advice is. That the that in reference necessary and a -- would be if you place is that reference them to us and it's not just -- I think you think will be that referendum will be passed so I can vote Jack Williams is speculating as well it was actually witness. Quite a lot of discussions are taking place here. No. Part of the yes and the existing facilities. I think there's an overriding imperative politically. To have a situation where people see that that is just some condition fiscal discipline and the means to support which was stuck to my phone connection. Of trusting between political news around of between seven and seventeen. And Ireland's have a long experience as you're aware of dealing with Judy Woodruff went in respect of the European Union. We've had to have two attempts as the number of reference. Each of those occasions when the referendum was torn down in the first instance it was because people who did not have sufficient information. I did not have sufficient clarity is to what is actually vote on the spectrum range but intuitive. As in the case in this country. Had divorced twice. Got certain conditions such in this process and intensity to the treat to -- it costs. So in respect of our over an actress is acutely aware of issues if you. And mistrust in the decision but that's the right to give us. So in regard to what -- -- is -- enough. When telephone text is actually -- and tape the attorney general. We -- not via the -- -- of us when that happens as in the case of all previous occasions if it's in accordance ago. Constitution. I was in reference it is not necessary if it's enough votes than for an instance.

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Irish PM refuses to be drawn on referendum prospects

Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 02:26

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