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Major tsunami unlikely: British Geological Survey

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 04:33

April 11 - The 8.7 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Indonesia is unlikely to trigger a major tsunami due to the horizontal rather than vertical shift of ground, according to the British Geological Survey.

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And I point seven magnitude earthquake off the coast of Indonesia sent residents around the region dashing for safety in a moment so we'll told. How with the British Geological Survey on the possible impact in the first Reuters Jakarta. Deputy bureau chief -- Chattahoochee. Has the very latest -- was seen reports from the president that that that that there are no reports of casualties. Or damage from the quake -- at -- what what is the latest you can tell us. That's right yes sir and that have been any reports of that die each about. Perhaps partly because in connection with the old town and in -- that -- can't it get a lot of people left. We have seen it said it. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has it is small. Haven't seen since the need to wait for the packaging. Which took his camera capability some risks and complete -- So you know there's definitely has potential for damage that. And it was just told the Jakarta. It wasn't built in -- it was put in Singapore though. In fact -- go to -- office in Bangalore was evacuated briefly it was felt that. And you have course of the UK -- the British prime minister I in Jakarta right now was that was it was it was this have both of concern to anyone in the government that. That's right yes then and David Cameron was actually giving a press conference and you got to get with Indonesian promised at the time. That broke away from them from talk of the trade investment. Coming main focus. It took about the that the potential for tsunami in and that can again check. And Cameron said that Britain was coming ready to help they needed. In the presidents say media has said that then there were reports of damage the commissioning and rescue teams see than to try. All right Leo I'm gonna have to leave that we don't -- losing your line that -- chatted -- too caught up. As Susan sergeant joins us now from the British -- a Geological Survey Susan. Many thanks its -- with a -- mentioned. This is from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center yes seventeen cent to meet its whole wave heading back -- Cheney. I'm. How how how relevance is is that the states. Well -- left click this sign -- the potential to cause a tsunami. He's seen in this area in the past however that mechanism of the earthquake. I am means that. Tons of this -- on me or send a lot she's not mean small and that it it being a case sweat popped the seafood drops down. Which is what court nominee. We actually got two -- -- together hand. Thought would generate a much smaller -- patrol. It does -- as a sort of horizontal shift if you like -- and -- a -- but expect it at and that and that means that that we might not see tsunamis that we -- Actually -- that the potential for loss coming when everything. The interaction between -- -- like. Should we should we be alarmed that there's a seventeen centimeters so wave heading for action. I think it's hard to say at this stage. Depending on where the estimate does is -- war when we have to have to watch NC. And how quickly offered us quite like this happens how quickly will we know who. How how high you this this this this well will be. When it when it hits land. Well I understand it given the location of the earthquake off the West Coast of Sumatra are we talking about our effort. Around about an hour for the wave to reach the coast. I think it -- -- -- nine KK BST. It may well hit by now that. But the president just a proxy. I just official with Suzanne -- in terms have. Reaction times since 2004. And the types of procedures that have been put in place -- -- have you noticed the big difference in how quickly things happen. Yes -- thanks so I've had reports. All very. I think it being an active around the Indian Ocean -- sanction his. And I think I can talk to each of the lessons that and. Since the book can dictate you know and the offense that -- OK Suzanne thanks -- -- talking with Suzanne sergeant from the British Geological Survey. That is it for now I'm -- -- forms -- sources.

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Major tsunami unlikely: British Geological Survey

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 04:33

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