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3XSQ: Apple claims 3 million iPads sold, but how many minis?

Monday, November 05, 2012 - 04:32

Nov 5 - Apple said it sold a total of three million iPads in the three days since Friday, when it launched the new iPad mini and iPad 4.

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Ahead -- is big weekend sort of and jump low prices for tiny strip later in the show. Pacific -- this Monday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. A record weekend for apple our daily did you hit three million the number of iPad canceled over the past three days as new models launched. That's twice the debut weekend of the third version of the iPad in March. However app -- to break down for sales of Armenia -- the fourth generation of the full sized iPad. CEO Tim Cook only saying quote we practically sold out of iPad -- and that means. Shares of apple closed Friday at 5768. And are now what about 58250. Net -- putting up a defense as Carl Icahn moves and the company adopting shareholder rights plan which -- of a person or group acquires 10% of the common stock. Icon file papers last week indicated he owns just under a tech just under 10% of the shares. At the time the board said it was open to his perspective. Shares closed at 769. 7530 day. Time Warner Cable has a different issue. More customers are dropping its cable TV service customers for its Internet services are climbing at a much lower -- pace -- the decline in TV. Sales and profit at the company missing forecasts. However shares of Time Warner Cable have risen about 50% in 2012. A US investigation into money laundering will cost European Bank more than expected and could lead to criminal charges. Our Angelina on joins us from London with more Angeline HSBC facing more challenges. Yesterday so that's why we're talking really big sums him more than one and a half billion dollars. How much HA HSBC set aside to cover potential -- now the US senate says unit said in July that lax controls had left it vulnerable to money laundering. Plus the investigation may even lead to criminal charges now. The -- says it's hard to now how much business has been lost due to the scandal but HSBC doesn't it it has damaged the Bryant. Not great decent given industry's reputation is already intact as it happened Libor scandal that -- Has been fine for IBM expects to Cecil I'm not attitude also Bob -- is being investigated over the making of how prices. And California. And that they -- setting up payment protection insurance. And rogue traders to -- so overall HSBC's news is yet another play for the banking industry. And it will be interesting to see how banks will try to win back the trust -- -- in the coming months. It we'll see more spin offs as banks try to cut off troubled parts of the business entities that that's true very child okay and mentally for that. Date. Turning today's short eight Disney character does damage of the good kind at the box office to become our power player of the day. It's wreck it Ralph. Whose film of the same name scored the highest grossing opening weekend in Disney animation history with 49 point one million dollars. That hammered Denzel Washington's new -- light. Which came in second at 25 million. Ralph a video game character destroyed everything is -- until he seeks redemption. Not as deadly as superstore in sandy but the two do you have a connection. The film's a bumping Friday matinee show you this school closures on -- story. And finally -- shrimp costs more than 3000 dollars. Fishy. But that's the going rate for this new breed of ornamental -- -- on display in Taiwan and head of its annual aquarium expo. Also featured colorful -- now seen horses each costing a mere 136. Dollars. And a six year old royal Klecko. The oldest fish in the exhibition it's the equivalent of 8200 year old man. Where things got -- a lot of aches and pains. That is the latest from three Times Square this Monday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider check -- YouTube channel actually talk -- Slash TV and we super card that is there.

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3XSQ: Apple claims 3 million iPads sold, but how many minis?

Monday, November 05, 2012 - 04:32

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