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Market Pulse: UK PMI nudges QE door back open

Monday, November 05, 2012 - 04:07

Nov. 5 - Britain's dominant service sector grew at the slowest pace in two years in October, potentially prompting the BoE to announce more stimulus. Plus shares in HSBC and Ryanair among the days big movers.

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Only days after the UK officially exited recession in Q3. -- up to date suggest the economy will shrink once again in Q4. I'm digging deeper and this is today's market pulse the fall -- -- a quick stop check on today's big corporate stories shares and HSBC Europe's largest buying. -- want and a half percent opt to profits missed forecasts on the -- access -- -- the father of one point 15 billion dollars for its US money laundering case a new cable insurance missed selling claims. Total US -- could be significantly higher says CEO Stuart Gulliver. I'm right there among the day's big gainers shares jumped almost 8% to the highest in five years Europe's largest budget airline now reports of forecast busting 10% rise and thought topped profit. Amazing is it's still your guidance to between 498. And 520. Million euros. Well the main dates upon today as from the UK sent -- -- -- my falling more than expected to fifty point six in October. That shows -- a joint -- slowest rate of almost two years. Here to discuss but not until I'm from the London Stock Exchange by ID global head of G-7 strategy. Michael got up Michael and good to see it again 1 but this morning saying today's number of ticket with las week's money boxing PMI. Suggest thought out and fought contraction in Q4 given us a fair assessment. I think it is -- Sam -- -- to see after a particularly good Coulter like we're having Q3. Something of a correction anyway and I think the correction is actually. Going to see a negative print from our perspective in next youthful. I think what is telling us in terms of the underlying story is that the UK is bumping along the other ball to them. That it it's facing severe headwinds. And indeed the economy is not shifting into neutral face. After that GDP numbers on the many would say that door from won't she be. Was almost firmly closed today today's numbers Tom bush is -- slightly. I think for the market to market feels it is a relatively close coal or rough the first day on balance I'd say the markets. It's now around 40% probability. Of additional Q -- announced. I think we would -- -- again it's more QB at this juncture I think the bank have been very clear in -- statements are based our interpretation. And I think there's more switching emphasis on to the funding for lending us game not being the main way to Tron -- UK economy. Okay have finally the little that's a two month low today against -- -- 128. What is the next one cent move up we're done. Where we're looking for a move already to want from 6928 liked this week and then that's one point five multi week. We think the key thing it's going to be a look fiscal -- uncertainty after the election I'm not gonna boost the Paula. Okay Michael thank you very much that was Michael delta from idea global well today -- point. Focus is on the jump shots the yield by a lousy it'll for the first time today since -- September. Investors seeking safety in the you know zones -- risk bonds ahead of that make a big sport -- -- and an uncertain US presidential election. Finally on the stay in 1626. Outlets from pizza shaken to the Dutch west India company makes the earliest known reference to the purchase of Manhattan island. From a local native American -- the price sixteen guilders which historians could not a run a thousand dollars in today's money. Whether or not this was a big deal at the time for other site that it's clearly one that's impressed with them on tape. In 1667. The past the island on that English and exchange. The suit and -- Not today's market pulse for a look ahead to Tuesday's key events do what's beautiful day ahead that's available from fourth after London time -- -- give up. This of blogs have.

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Market Pulse: UK PMI nudges QE door back open

Monday, November 05, 2012 - 04:07

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