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U.S. Day Ahead: Market carnage could be short lived

Thursday, November 08, 2012 - 02:54

Nov 7 - Markets could stabilize by Thursday after investors gave a knee jerk reaction to President Obama's election victory.

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I would fast and Obama outlined the Democrats celebrated that market. And all the attention went to this book and S&P 500 had its. Worth staying about warm my big question of course is whether it was just knee jerk reaction to president Obama's victory would start a protracted. And he -- a lot. The fact that Obama is gonna be reelected it's something everybody was expecting anything reliable data showed that and -- senate would remain. Democratic and house Republican it was perhaps price so I think some planes the markets weakening. Because they've may have been secret hold that that we we will see around me victory I think and that's the disappointment that -- The world will be watching how financials due on Thursday this actor with the weakest performer in the S&P down nearly 4%. Biggest Loser Morgan Stanley made in America act and Goldman Sachs. Obama's win means they are now on course for tighter regulation and don't forget we don't have machining in earnings but -- reporting after the -- your elders are hoping to hear more about what. We'll do -- most and warm million dollar acquisition of its own. The company behind the Star Wars franchise. Let me look at film I NG twenty million dollars a year from these special effects budget. And magic kingdom is up 30% January and that's. We sell it back in focus with two major department -- reporting really hear from -- or astronomy and cool. Bigger profits from year -- -- strong sales in October but investors don't want to know their workouts for the holiday season. -- any indication Casey has already said superstar anti we'll take a bite out of its business in the fourth quarter. It lowered its profit outlook below analysts' estimates. We'll check in the house of 65 billion dollar video game industry which Microsoft announces the first day sales numbers for -- a little more. -- sector is under pressure from the growing number of create an online game. And investors are hoping to see every previous halo thinks that two years ago and and it breaks in a whopping 200 million dollars and 24 hours. Kelly could also put more pressure on Activision Blizzard and next installment of its -- college team. Finally we'll get your first reaction to the election -- president James Bullard speaks -- evening. -- -- -- -- -- The mod that he can't -- over the -- and it happens to dissolve markets will hone in on any comments about how many hundreds of course he went into a fashion. Also want to know if he is still sticking to -- optimistic target that the economy will grow by 3.5. Percent next year. Staggered right TV for more on the big market universe and I'm ready mom this is -- it.

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U.S. Day Ahead: Market carnage could be short lived

Thursday, November 08, 2012 - 02:54

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