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Reuters Asks: Why watch China?

Friday, November 09, 2012 - 02:01

Nov. 9 - Eyes are on China during the leadership's once in a decade transition - but what how will it impact the global economy?

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It's been very encouraging fact I'm tomorrow to get a smooth transition. And we get a reform drive. I think it's it's more of the same in a way but emotionally quite -- while it seems that should be -- going forward. Expectations of appreciation from B are still largely driven find the -- Chinese economy we're expecting. It's stronger Chinese economy into next year and by association rules experts from parents Intifada. The world where there's a lot of up and if he's. The golden and and the -- People benefit from and participate and the value creation. Now have a whole money he's been a gulf. Transforming the Chinese economy is now Kiev think what's more sustainable growth in particular I think from what. From a investment led growth towards consumption base growth and that obviously has very big implications. Well you're for the US public global economy the key thing about it consistent in China it is good that it's an act calm transition that there is -- ruff says that there is no coups and that there's no risk of of turmoil is political -- -- -- -- in China. So as long as the Chinese managed to stages smooth transition process. The outcome who exactly takes over in the end. It's relatively irrelevant and it seems. Along the China issue is terrible thing you Politburo. Means for Chinese policy on a three to ten year view. I'm from that perspective I think people look closely looking at the composition of the Politburo which we'll see on the under the fifteen. I'm giving us a clue whether it is going to have some reform elements. Or whether the conservatives could potentially dominate the.

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Reuters Asks: Why watch China?

Friday, November 09, 2012 - 02:01

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