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U.S. Week Ahead: Three headaches for investors

Saturday, November 10, 2012 - 03:04

The world will be watching the tumultuous negotiations between Obama and the GOP over the fiscal cliff, what the Fed's Ben Bernanke has to say about the economy and an EU meeting about Greece's debt.

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Mark it's great fear of losing streak but the world have got nothing about the 600 million dollars worth of tax hikes and spending cuts. In the end that he also unknown -- and a -- Obama is meeting top congressional leaders on Friday to try and broker a deal. Here's the problem though Obama's position is still far apart from Republicans especially as he wants to raise rates on the rich. A leader Boehner said that that will choke job creation. The stakes are high and nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office had that failure to deal with the problem. And unemployment soaring to about 9%. Things weren't intense enough ahead of the -- Ben Bernanke makes his first public speech to the election. Thursday he's talking about housing one of the few bright spots up the recovery but investors will be watching for any comments about the weapons finance and pretty he has been trying to get lawmakers to work together and he might reiterate warnings about the dangers of driving over Clinton. And then European finance ministers meet on Monday and Russell hasn't I'm freezing lending to Greece expects another Picasso and hot and -- failed to show it can effectively manage -- that. Forecast to reach a massive 190%. Of its GE. Next year. -- about where is superstar of Wall Street are making their big bats well we'll find out Wednesday when high profile fund managers ranging from -- got it to Jorge Torres and David Einhorn report they're holding thirteen after -- This'll be the third quarter but the numbers will be watched for future trend. In the last few months there has been a lot of talk about billionaire investor is buying into health care we'll see if they maintain their position. -- -- In earnings 5% of the S&P 500 report during the week the focus will be on two tax. Just go out on Tuesday and see stronger profit penny -- -- -- investors who want to note CEO John Chambers is still worried about what that. Storm and deleting any big contract on the East Coast. On the other and Sally is sent to the bottom line street as tablets continue to eat away. And out of PE -- L shares down over 30% since January. It's like a rocky people as promised victory over apple and a patent dispute global outbreak of the new challenge. This time Microsoft. The two companies go head to head and it's island today and yeah well. I often accusing Google and Motorola -- demanding an honor reasonable royalty for key patent and Ireland. Video technology. In any indication Apple's challenge with business after I got too aggressive leading up to the courtroom noddle arm -- -- hasn't delivered. -- -- -- -- Stay with insider ready to be far more expert analysis on top business news. Don't forget Monday is veterans day which means the bond markets are closed but stock markets are open. I'm putting on this.

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U.S. Week Ahead: Three headaches for investors

Saturday, November 10, 2012 - 03:04

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