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U.S. Day Ahead: Cisco boss looks like he'll stay glum

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 02:56

Nov 12 - Don't expect Cisco CEO John Chambers to change his pessimistic outlook when the tech giant reports earnings after the close.

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Markets look stable cash out after last week's battering but don't think concerns -- the so called fiscal cliff have evaporated. In fact investors want to know what this goat cheese and John Chambers have to say when a company reports after the close. See higher profits than a year ago but for the past seven months chambers have been warning of tougher times. Especially in the face of automatic spending cuts in the US at the end of the year the big question will he change his tune giving new negotiations between President Obama. And the Republicans -- This is not going to be any more optimistic and he has been Alina Europe is filling crises. And investors having giving his goal negative ratings lately for example JPMorgan cut its operating for -- to neutral from overweight. And BMO capital markets just cut its 2013. Revenue outlook for -- by 300 million to 48 point nine billion. And if as is any indication Cisco shares are down 15%. Since last month. Obama is meeting with union heads and liberal groups ahead of Friday's talks with congressional leaders on the festival left. The president is likely be congratulated on his victory but also remind him that he should stick to his guns on raising taxes on the rich to deal with the deficit. That's been a big roadblock to a compromise with Republicans but to GOP senators on Sundays at the party might now be willing to negotiate. We'll check the pulse of housing and home deeper report before the bell the world's largest home improvement chain is sad to see its earnings -- hasn't market goes through a slow recovery. JPMorgan -- Jamie Dimon who recently said all signs on housing are flashing green home Depot's bottom line should get a boost as customers by building materials. Like lumber and tools after superstores sandy. The company's shares are up over an eye popping 70%. Since the start of the year. Ailing electronics chain best buy would love to replicate and we'll hear how. When you box and marriage really appeared at an end yesterday he's already made some big moves. Naming former Williams-Sonoma exact Sharon column as a CFO and acting a couple of top US managers -- -- -- shares of take over 50%. Since January. Facing a looming buyout proposal from former chairman and founder Richard -- and tech global phase of the new challenger and patent Warren. Microsoft. Think Google's Motorola unit of demanding higher royalty -- wireless and video technology. -- judge dismissed a previous challenge from apple after it got too aggressive leading to way that courtroom defeat. And an insider and Reuters TV for more on the big market mover and weeks Obama and the next team will look like. The big guessing game in DC was who will be the next Treasury Secretary now it's who had a gang after betraying a sudden departure. I'm putting on this -- prayers.

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U.S. Day Ahead: Cisco boss looks like he'll stay glum

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 02:56

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