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3XSQ: Home Depot profit beats expectations

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 03:49

Nov 13 - Home Depot reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit & raised its full-year outlook, benefiting from a housing market uptick.

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Ahead opponent -- game and in the trenches literally later in the show. Three times where this Tuesday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Yes strong quarter from a home builder today a home improvement retailer. Home -- posting a better than expected profit and raising its guidance for the year is the latest sign of strength from the US housing market. The company also attributing its gains to cost cuts and more localized marketing and merchandising. Shares moving back toward their 2012 high of 6320. Reached last month. The picture of less clear from a -- -- fashion related companies -- posting a profit that beat expectations on sales miss forecast. The retailer also projected flat sales in the crucial holiday quarter because of super -- sandy which forced the closure of several stores for a two week. While Michael Coors reported a strong profit -- -- a -- a profit forecast that was lower than Wall Street's high expectations. Taking the shares right now. We've got Saks down almost 5% Michael course up about 2%. Our power player of the day tightening his grip on his company. It's Microsoft CEO Steve -- after another high profile executive departure. -- not seen the head of the windows unit leaving the 23 year veteran going soon after the most radical re imaging of the windows line. A source telling Reuters the exit was quote mutual -- not -- is the head of the major Microsoft division to go in the past four years. Julie Larson green takes over the windows hardware and software division. No troubles for the moment at Volkswagen are Nigel Stephenson joins us from one -- another strong month for the leave for that the German car company. Absolutely good morning TS folks -- posting the second biggest sales increase in eight months. -- -- with the same story as usual from the industry strong overseas demand from the US and China compensating the declining deliveries in Europe. VW sales surged 16% in October suggest that a half a million with a ten month gain climbing to 11% or four point 72 million. Units not ten month and everything Europe fell 6%. While the United States outstrip China posting a hefty gain of 35 point 6%. And I compared with 18% for the Asian nation of one reference that the VW in Europe. 40000 advance orders for the rebound -- contract with the comic is of course best selling model which went on sale on November the tenth. It does sound a little bit -- this everyone still wants that bit of German engineering whatever besides that what makes it. That's right at the united thanks so much. And finally on the heels of Britain's remembrance day and our veterans day. The story of one man who dug in his heels and in his garden for the sake of military accuracy. Historian Andrew Robert -- built a sixty foot World War I trench in his backyard. Too -- on life as a British soldier during the great war. Hundreds of tons of earth were moved to create a trend that includes that kitchen infantry units and officers dug out. Soldier just back from Afghanistan -- ten and even bit in the trench for 24 hours wearing uniforms and eating nothing but rations from the time period. Something none of today's video game and create. That's the latest entry time's greatest Tuesday you -- follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider in check out our Reuters YouTube channel. At Reuters dot com slash players TV. I'm Lisa -- this is.

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3XSQ: Home Depot profit beats expectations

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 03:49

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